Leicester City StreetKorf

We are planning an event that will be a world first for the sport of Korfball. On 6th September on Humberstone Gate, we are hosting “STREETKORF”, the first Korfball Tournament to be held in a city centre location.

Eight teams from around the country will battle it out to take the title in a specially built outdoor arena. The event will also feature two public ‘Have a go’ zones for adults and children as well as an information point by the clock tower. The event is the brainchild of club chair, Matt Freeman:

“Korfball is the ultimate team sport; it’s mixed gender, social and fun while also being fast, challenging and intense. People assume any sport they haven’t heard of is a gimmick; but Korfball is an entertaining, strategic and engaging spectacle, played by 300 teams across the UK and over 60 countries across the world. This event is all about Leicester residents experiencing the sport first hand.”

Teams will be travelling from London, Leeds, Milton Keynes and Nottingham to take part and if the location wasn’t unique enough, as Matt explains, the court itself will be new as well.

“These teams will be used to big indoor halls, but this court is going to be compact and claustrophobic. It will literally feel like they are playing in a cage with hundreds of people watching from the outside. The players are going to need to be fast, accurate and creative to score.”

Leicester City StreetKorf in association with Leicester City Council Sport Redevelopment will take place on 6th September on Humberstone Gate from 10am – 5pm. To find out more – get in touch.DSC_0272 DSC_0271 2015 logoo