Leicester Tornadoes v Hawks 22/11/2015

Crunch time! 3 teams the CEKL league 1 had perfect records going into this weekend. Birmingham city have won all 4 games whilst Leicester and Manchester hawks had both lost all of their 4, not a perfect record to be proud of. The day had come where the teams sat at the bottom would meet and see who could take a massive step towards survival.

It was Leicester who started the brightest with 6 quick goals coming early on. Hawks had to do something to stop the momentum and forced into a timeout only 10 mins in. Back on court and Hawks had responded to the break but Leicester continued to show their dominance but a few missed chances and simple Hawks goals concluded the half at 11-6. Keen to continue the tempo, the half time message was to carry on and not drop pace. Hawks got their tails up and started what looked to be the most unlikely of comebacks. Another penalty for Hawks and Dan cheekily called a time out at 12-8 whilst waiting for the penalty to be taken. Few words were used (some not to be repeated) as it was important to get everyone back on song. They converted the Pen making the score 12-9. The team talk at the timeout clearly had its desired effect as Leicester blew hawks out of the water and they were unable to keep up. The game culminated with a half way line screamer from Trev at the death to make it 21-10 to Leicester. They had done it! 

“Such a solid performance from everyone and the ability to ride out a poor 15 mins from us and turn it back on at the end was a real test of our character, I am so glad everyone really turned up for this vital game.” Words from the captain following the match.

Charlotte Heffernan

Dan Hawthorne (9)
Andy Cunningham (2)
Craig Allison (2)
Rob Wright (2)
Trevor Brown (2)
Charlotte Heffernan (4)

Leicester Tempest vs. Notts. Uni 4

Our second game of the season and Leicester 3rds (Tempest) took on Nottingham Uni 4 at home. With our excellent team performance resulting in a 10-10 draw from two weeks before in mind, we were keen to bring the same passion and structure into this game.

Our team consisted of 4 Tempest veterans, 4 new season starters and 1 debut. Division one consisted of:

Ash Alfonso (1st half)
Karl Sears (2nd half)
Neil Robinson
Tara Swan
Shannon Hibbett (on debut)

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Mark Nicholson (1st half)
Ash Alfonso (2nd half)
Abbie Mycroft
Gemma Morgan

The game got off to a rocky start with Nottingham opening the scoring very quickly. Although they were a boy short on one division, Nottingham used that to their advantage against our relatively inexperienced team. Luckily, we’re made of stronger stuff and we soon locked the defence back down.

Scores proceeded fairly evenly with Nottingham only 2 up by the end of the half. Defence from Leicester was solid and, exploiting the non-shooter in our division, Abbie and Mark created some fantastic 1-2’s resulting in some fantastic runners by Abbie. On the other side of the court our defence was impeccable but a lack of structure and movement let us down in attack.

We began the second half and quickly reached a change of ends where Ash came off for Karl, giving the second division a much-needed injection of pace and enthusiasm. 2 more goals quickly followed and we brought Ash back on for Mark. In the last 15 minutes Leicester were running the show. Gemma, Abbie, Ash and I were locking down the defence while Neil made some unbelievable collects from Karl’s shots and Shannon’s runners. Tara played exceptionally in support, always making space and helping keep the division moving. Shots were coming thick and fast and Nottingham were struggling to get within reach to defend. Unfortunately for us, none of them made it through the korf and, despite our best efforts, the score remained the same.

At the final whistle it was 5-7.

Overall, our defensive game was outstanding, especially against a tricky 3 person division. We struggled in attacking structure, a few technical points and knowledge of the rules and in shooting towards the end. Luckily, the biggest part of our game is looking great and it’s just the finer details we need to polish. So here’s to seeing the whole team at training more often so we can bag ourselves a win!

Special shout outs go to Abbie for scoring 4, Mark & Abbie for an outstanding partnership, Neil for some exceptional collects, Karl & Mark for outstanding 1/2 games and to Shannon & Tara for being thrown in at the deep end!

Honourable mention to Matt for refereeing – a thankless task that should never go unappreciated!

Our next game is away in Birmingham on Saturday 21/11 – onwards and upwards!

Manchester City v Leicester Tornadoes 15/11/2015

After a disappointing loss to Birmingham uni, Tornadoes were keen to make a mends and next up was another trip up to Manchester, this time Manchester City were the opponents. The team in orange made a slightly brighter start edging out the early exchanges 3-2. The game continued to grow in pace and ability and with that Manchester City began to get a better foot hold onto the match and ended the half on top.

Continuing on from where they left off Manchester city grew and grew and a valiant effort from Leicester went unrewarded as they succumbed to a 17-9 loss. Positives all round as the new free pass move had a successful first outing with Ant being the beneficiary. Special mention to the tornadoes girls their all round effort kept everyone going and Chloe getting her first goal for the club was a particular highlight along with Sam scoring her first double and Rachael scoring her first for the season. Signs of great things to come from the girls of Leicester Tornadoes.

Chloe Studley

Dan Hawthorne (4)
Chloe Studley
Sam Waller (2)
Ant Ryan
Rachael Kings

Birmingham Uni 2 v Leicester Toto 07/11/2015

Our second away game of the season saw us travel to Bournville College to play the University of Birmingham.

A tightly fought first half saw the lead change hands several times before an equaliser was scored before the next exchange but Zoe got her first goal of the season right at the end of the half to give Leicester a two-goal lead at 11-9.

Changes at half-time saw Rob Parnham replace Tom O’Callaghan and Emma Spargo swap with Melisa Kupaza after Tempest loanee Abby Mycroft had taken the place of the injured Gemma Wallis before the break.

The second half was decidedly more one-sided than the first as Matt Freeman got six goals for the second time this season, beaten to the games top scorer title by Matt Cox and his 7, resulting in a final score of 21-10.

A great performance all round and some excellent korfball gives Toto a great footing to go into next week’s game against Magic.


Team news and goals:

Matt Cox (capt.) (7), Tom O’Callaghan (1), Melisa Kupaza, Zoe Stephenson (1), Emma Spargo, Rob Parnham (2)

Matt Freeman (6), Peter Wallett (4), Chloe Studley, Gemma Wallis, Abby Mycroft

Leicester Tornadoes v Birmingham University 08/11/2015

Remembrance Sunday saw Birmingham Uni visit Leicester for our first home game of the season. Both teams respectfully took part in a minutes silence to mark the occasion. On the back of their second defeat of the season, Leicester were keen to show what they were made of and chalk up some points in their bid to stay alive in CEKL 1. Unfortunately Leicester never really got up and running in the first half, 4-0 down after 10 minutes forced an early time out and unfortunately that didn’t have the desired effect as we went into the break 11-1 down. Only Rob scoring in the first half. Leicesters frustration was epitimised by Craig who whilst putting in effort saw his attacker, Sam, score 5 goals from as many shots. 

‘Damage limitation’ was the message at half time and this seemed to be taken on board. Substitutes Dan, Trev and Becky were keen to make an impact early with the later 2 putting up numerous shots. Trying to make a mend for a ridiculous first half from University of birmingham’s Sam; Dan showed some impressive defense and managed to blam a couple of his shots. 1 minute later Leicester had scored and the team started to lift. Half way through the second half many Birmingham players started showing concern for the score such was our comeback. Leicester had comfortably won the second half but alas it was not to be enough and the game finished 14-8. 

Birmingham university Alumni Rob Wright took the MVP trophy home and Sam added her name to the scorers list! Unfortunately a tale of two halves in which we were not the victors. 

Robert Wright

Andy Cunningham (2)
Samantha Waller
Robert Wright (2)
Dan Hawthorne (2)
Trevor Brown

Leeds City 1 Vs Leicester Tornadoes

An unfortunate schedule meant that following a defeat away in Manchester,  Tornadoes were handed a 3 week break before going into a match against Leeds city. The break hadn’t seemed to effect Leicester, keen to get off to a good start, the game found itself level at 2-2 after 10 minutes. Trevor opened the account and a penalty won by Craig saw Dan convert for his first. Leeds realised that they were in for a game and turned up the heat. Leicester did their best to follow with goals coming from each the boys, we found ourselves 11-6 down at the half. A much brighter start and a flattering score line for Leeds as Ant must have had 20 shots go in only for the ball to somehow spew out again.


The second half was a much tighter affair as both teams scored 4 goals less than their first half efforts. The game finished 18-8. Trevor stole the attacking plaudits with 4 goals, but it was Craig who was the standout performer as his efforts of keeping former Leicester star Rich Crossley quiet. Rich only scored 2 which is no mean feat given his 8 last week. Tornadoes’ girls, whilst not adding to our total gave a really strong account of themselves not being bowled over by seriously strong female opponents. All in all a good performance with just a few moments to forget about. In a really competitive league Leicester have seemingly ridden out the storm at the start of season, playing last year’s 1st and 2nd place and finding themselves off the bottom of table on goal difference. They look forward to their first home game of the season against University of Birmingham and hopefully the first points on the board.


Leicester Tempest vs. Nottingham Magic 3

Yesterday saw Leicester 3rds (Tempest) take on Nottingham Magic 3 for our inaugural game of the season. Coming off the back of a season without a win last year, Tempest had everything to prove and nothing to lose.

Our team consisted of 4 Tempest veterans, 3 debuts (for both the club and the sport!) and 2 guest appearances. Division one, kindly lead by guest player Craig consisted of:

Craig Allison
Neil Robinson (1st Half)
Ed Rainbow (2nd Half)
Tara Swan (on Debut)
Chloe Studley

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Mark Nicholson (on Debut)
Abbie Mycroft (on Debut)
Gemma Morgan

The game started well with our first division in attack. Craig quickly gave us the lead and (from memory) we were 2-0 up at the change of ends. The second change of ends was slower to arrive as our less experienced division struggled to find our feet in attack. Luckily we had plenty of time to practice thanks to some solid defence from Neil, Craig, Tara and Chloe.

The second half started slowly but soon kicked up a gear with 4 or 5 goals in around 5 minutes. Mark found his feet and after a couple of defended calls found an incredible 1-2 with me to sink one of the best crafted goals i have ever seen for Tempest. Abbie and Gemma held tight for us in defence and between the two of them, Mark and I had no excuse for staying still and we were soon shooting more regularly.

Across the other side of the court, Ed Rainbow was bringing a new energy to the division and making some fantastic collects. Tara had found her stride in defence and, with the help of Chloe, was beginning to mark Notts’ girls out of the game. Even between divisions we saw some brilliant partnerships emerging. Tempest have often struggled to clear a party ball but Craig and Abbie found each other with laser precision in every instance, keeping the flow of the game moving beautifully.

When the final whistle blew it was 10-10.

Overall, we improved hugely throughout the game and forced a brilliant opposition to do the same. Team discipline is next on the agenda as the score could have tipped our way without a few unfortunate penalties. The team showed great energy and enthusiasm, chasing every stray ball and making Notts work for every point. It was a very hard earned draw that made for one very happy captain.

Special shout outs go to Craig for scoring 3, Chloe for stepping into the breach and helping us field a full team, Mark & Abbie for an outstanding debut, Tara for a fantastic debut and a first goal and for Ed for a great goal also!

Honourable mentions also for Neil and Ed for great 1/2 game performances, Ash and Aine who sadly couldn’t play due to injury and to Dan for refereeing – a thankless task that should never go unappreciated!

Our next game is at home on 15/11 – onwards and upwards!