Nottingham City 3 vs. Leicester Tempest- 27/10/2017

Another week of turbulent & canceled fixtures meant that only one league fixture was played by LCKC this weekend. Sunday saw Tempest in action for the first time this season, against Nottingham City 3.

A spotty attendance and a couple of injuries/illnesses saw a slim on-court Tempest majority turn up, bolstered by Tom, Jenny, Pete, Paula & Aine. With only 3 boys total, Leicester was forced to play with 7, meaning one division of three. Taking to the dusty hall in defence were captain Neil, Tom, Claire (on debut) and Paula, leaving Pete, Chloe (also on debut) and Hannah in attack and Jenny & Aine on the bench with an injured Luca along for support.

The dusty surface played a part immediately with Notts taking a runner past a grip-less LCKC defence and making the scoreline 1:0 within 3 minutes. Leicester replied in kind with Pete beating both boys to pop up a runner just in front of the post. The change of ends had barely come by the time Claire found herself free in mid-court and popped up a textbook mid shot to land Leicester’s second of the game and Claire’s first goal ever! Paula too found herself on the score sheet with a characteristic one-handed hook from the backcourt finding the korf shortly after. This time it was Notts’ turn to sink a couple and at the next change, it was 3:3. A quick veer from Tom put Leicester up again but Notts replied and sank another. A runner each for Leicester (Pete) and Notts left the score tied at 5:5 for the half.

Hannah, who was struggling with injury and had, in conjunction with Chloe, been injecting huge amounts of energy into her division, repeatedly putting Pete under the post, came off for Jenny. So too with Paula & Aine. The team chat was positive, with all praised for their structure and intensity.

Back on court and Notts had made some changes too. Leicester’s defence was immediately tight forcing Notts to shoot long only. Finally, they found the korf from long but Pete quickly sunk a runner to even things up again. Another from Notts was followed by a veer from Tom as Leicester dominated the post and put in some exceptional feeds. A penalty to Notts saw them take the lead. The score was 8:7 and looked set to stay that way until Notts scored another. Leaving Leicester 2 down for the first time all game. Another 5 minutes and still no goals so Leicester took a timeout. With 5 minutes on the clock and only two goals in it, it was all to play for. Neil dominated collect & Aine owned the feed, while Claire bobbed & weaved in the mid-court, constantly providing a passing option. At the other end, Chloe kept her girl out of the game, making interceptions all but inevitable. 2 minutes later and Tom put up a runner bringing Leicester within one. As the clock counted down, Leicester dominated the attack but couldn’t seem to find the korf. At the buzzer, it was 9:8 to Nottingham and had been a fantastically spirited and competitive game.

Scorers were:

  • Pete (3)
  • Tom (3)
  • Claire (1)
  • Paula (1)

A fantastic debut for Chloe and Claire and a great start to the season for Tempest, who will be back in action on November 19th at home against University of Nottingham 4.

Leicester Tornadoes vs. University of Manchester – 22/10/2017

Sunday saw Tornadoes in action again and looking to secure a victory against University of Manchester and grow their streak of league games unbeaten to 13.

This time, playing at home with a brilliant bench of supporters, taking to court in attack were captain Craig Allison, Rob Parnham, Abbie Mycroft & Charlotte Heffernan, with Pete Wallett, Trevor Brown, Mel Kupaza & Aine Noonan holding down the fort in defence. The game was winding up well with Leicester sinking two or three for every one UoM could put past them. There were plenty of interceptions too and some excellent defensive pressure saw Leicester dominate possession throughout the half. Some tweaks from the sideline saw our attacks improve too as Aine found her feet in her first team debut and soon became a valuable option, helping Leicester’s attack even closer to the post.

As with last week, a spirited performance had given Leicester a nice margin by the whistle. The score stood at 16-5.

Off came Trevor and on came Tom. So too with Aine & Elle. The team chat was positive and the consensus was that more of the same would see us well through, so long as the intensity was kept up. A quick hands-in and it was back on court to see out our second big win of the season.

Manchester had dug deep at half time and, despite having no subs, had come back with a fresh intensity. Leicester had a few pairs of tired legs on court but the subs had plenty in the tank and soon the scoring started up again. With Charlotte and Abbie alternating their post play with Craig & Tom, some solid, structured play led to a couple of swift goals down one end, while at the other end, Dan & Pete were orchestrating some exceptionally co-ordinated defence to keep Leicester’s possession percentage high. The end changes came quickly and so too the tweaks to gameplay. A cutting call and more difficult runners saw Craig, Tom, Abbie & Charlotte switch from 2:2 to a more dynamic 3:1 in attack, while their defence remained tight and high-intensity. Down at the other end, co-ordinated defence shone through with Elle & Mel covering runners between them, while their attacks were simple but impactful. Dan dominated under the post leaving Pete & Elle to mop up veers & mid-shots under less and less pressure.

Towards the end of the half the fatigue began to dig in and Leicester’s intensity dropped but having built on our 11 goal lead, this was never going to be a problem (one for training maybe). Seeing out the half with shots still coming thick and fast and defence still largely solid, the final score was 28:13 to Leicester… treading ever closer to that 30-goal game.

Scorers were:

  • Pete (9)
  • Craig (4, 3 Pens & 1 Free Pass)
  • Dan (2 & 2 Pens)
  • Abbie (2)
  • Trevor (2)
  • Rob (1)
  • Mel (1)
  • Charlotte (1)

Leicester remain top of the table, now with a goal difference of 33 and will be back in action on November 5th, away in Nottingham.


Last weekend saw the start of the Central England Regional League and with it LCKC Tornadoes’ 2017/18 season. With a newly minted squad including 4 players newly selected for this season and a helping hand from Ant too, the pressure was on to, not only start the season off strong but also to keep the team’s unbeaten streak of 12 games on track.

Taking to the blue-hued hall in attack were captain Jenny Freeman, Rachael Kings, Trevor Brown & Tom O’Callaghan, with Abbie Mycroft, Mel Kupaza, Dan Hawthorne & Craig Allison holding down the fort in defence. The game began largely tet-a-tet with Warriors kicking off the scoring and Leicester replying in kind. With penalties against LCKC at each end, two scored and one missed, Warriors were scoring regularly but 3 penalties also went Leicester’s way and by 1/2 time Leicester was looking like the better team with the scoreboard at 8-12.

Off came Tom and on came Pete. So too with Rachael & Vik. A quick hands-in and it was back on court to try and increase our lead – and increase our lead we did.

Shortly after the half had started Craig came off for Ant & Mel for Charlotte, but not before Craig earnt and scored another penalty. The floodgates had been opened and with Abbie & Dan sussing their attack and Pete’s interceptions piercing Warriors’, the game was Leicester’s for the taking. Warrior’s number 7 who had been a defensive problem for Tom in the first half was now well covered between an agile Ant & a cover-ready Dan providing only one goal for Warriors and their only goal of the half. By contrast, Leicester was scoring thick & fast with every player on court scoring. By the final whistle, an elated & impressively well-tuned LCKC left the court 18 goals up with an impressive score of 9-27. This puts LCKC at the top of the table for the first week of CERL 2 and promises to pave the way for an impressive season to come.

Scorers were:

  • Jenny (5)
  • Craig (2 & 3 Pens)
  • Pete (4)
  • Abbie (3)
  • Dan (2 & 1 Pen)
  • Trev (2 & 1 Pen)
  • Ant (2)
  • Charlotte (1)
  • Mel (1)
  • Vik (1)

Catch Tornadoes again on Sunday when all 3 Leicester teams are at home & Tornadoes take on Manchester University!