Nottingham Magic 3 vs. Leicester Tempest

What a week for Leicester’s korfballers! This match report is all about the first fixture of the week but there were 3 more, all equally exciting. Tempest finally clinched that long awaited win – and comfortably too. We’ve waited for well over a year and boy does it feel good to win! Better still, two of team Tempest went on to play for DMU on Sunday and clinch another win (pic related)! Toto were in action on Sunday too with a few Tempest guest stars. Sadly, we couldn’t make it a hat-trick but that game wasn’t without it’s merits either. Stay tuned here for Cap’n Cox’s match report…

Our team consisted of some of Leicester’s finest from across the club. With a ‘less than’ formal mid-season shuffle within LCKC, it’s anyone’s guess who is officially on each roster but a majority Tempest team definitely set strong foundations for the game. Division one consisted of:

Dan Hawthorne
Ash Alfonso
Sam Waller
Faz Flintham

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Karl Sears
Abbie Mycroft
Shannon Hibbett

with Jay Popat as rolling sub.

The game started slow and lacked a lot of pace for the first 5-10 minutes. Nottingham seemed scared to make a move and we were happy to relax in defence and set up carefully in attack. Gradually the pace picked up and Leicester benefitted greatly. Our pace in passing and drive to win the ball was palpable. I rolled off and Jay slipped on as we took our second change of ends. With some beautiful intercepts, exceptional pressure and a good number of shots made and defended we finished the half up by 3 (i think?!).

Half-time team talks called for more of the same and Sam setting us the challenge of finishing on 12 goals. I added that we should be at least 5 clear and so, with that in mind, on we went.

We began the second half and quickly reached a change of ends where Karl came off for me. 2 more goals quickly followed and Karl was back on for Ash. In the last 15 minutes Leicester were running the show. I came off again and Ash joined Jay. Abbie, Shannon, Jay and Ash locked down the defence while Dan and Sam, supported by Faz and Karl made runner after runner.

At the final whistle it was 5-12. We smashed our half-time goals and left Nottingham with our first win in two seasons. The only thing left to do was hit the town for celebratory drinks!


Our next game is away to DMU 1 on Thursday 21/01 – lets see if we can make this a streak!