DMU 2 v Leicester Tempest – 20/10/16

Last night saw the start of the season for Leicester Tempest, playing sister club and closest rivals DMU 2 and what a start to the season it was! Derby Day was on and it was also a momentous occasion for a number of our players making their debuts and scoring some debut goals (more on this to follow). Shout out to Tim, Elle, Emma, Andy and Sanjay for a fantastic performance, I was proud of you all! :)

So the match was set and taking to the court for Tempest were:

Rachael, Emma, Joe ©, Andy

And the Second Division:

Ed, Tom, Elle, Spargo

Raring to go and starting on the bench were: Aisling, Sanjay and Tim

DMU got off to a flying start. Within a minute into the game Ally (DMU) scored her debut goal with a short shot in front of the post. 1-0

However Tempest soon got back into the game with a great effort by Spargo drawing us level (1-1).

With a change of ends, it was time for Tim to make his debut and roll on as sub for Tom

From the restart narrowly missing, I played in Rachael with a side feed with the runner falling the wrong side of the rim

Shortly after, Tempest drew ahead (1-2) with a short from myself marking my first goal for Tempest, having moved from DMU at the end of last season and marking my first appearance as captain!

Afterwards, shots were going up from Leicester but unfortunately none were dropping and it was a while before the scoreline was broken by Rachael, landing a penalty having been fouled on the way through for a runner. (1-3)

With a time out called by myself we had a chance to change up our game plan. With experienced advice from Tom, we needed to keep organised and maintain 4-0 as we were tending to get a bit cramped together. DMU were defending extremely well and marking us tightly but this presented the opportunity to take advantage of the space behind the defenders where the opportunities for runners were open to take!

After the time out DMU did not lie down and went back on the offensive with another debutante, Becky (DMU), scoring a mid-shot half way into the first half. (2-3)

From then, the tempo was mixed but the advice from the time out came through. Fantastic passing and movement from Tim, Elle and Spargo saw Ed beating his man to land a runner (2-4). Shortly after a change of ends, Emma and Andy passed and moved superbly to create the chance for Rachael to combine with Joe to net a runner also (2-5)

At 2-5, the tempo of the game slowed right down with both teams defending extremely well and important interceptions coming from Andy. Emma also did well to find the positions and passes to the rest of the team in a division heavily pressed by the DMU defenders.

A chance to break the scoreline was missed with 10 minutes to go by myself (more practice needed :P) when a penalty was given for being defended by a DMU girl on the way for a runner.

More shots went up before the break from both sides deep into the first half with Elle, Emma, Tim and Andy all coming extremely close, it was so unlucky that Leicester’s new recruits didn’t all come away with a debut goal within the first half for Leicester.

The half finished 2-5.

At the break, subs were made with Aisling taking the place of Emma and Sanjay (newly transferred from Sheffield Uni) taking the place of Ed.

Meanwhile, DMU chose to replace all of their outfield players with more new recruits but also bringing in the experience of Chair Ciara Maguire and Secretary Zoe Penfold

The team talk advice was just to keep playing the way we were and maintain the space we were making. With a loud ‘TEMPEST!” team shout – arguably better than DMU’s ;) (there was a competition on ,with various woop’s and ooooooo’s coming from each side) we were ready for the second half.

We didn’t let the fresh legs scare us and into the second half Leicester really took it up a gear

Two quick fire goals from Spargo saw Leicester make the lead (2-7) and Spargo complete her Korftrick.

Soon after, I bagged my second of the game rebounding my failed running attempt (2-8)

With the switch around Ed came back into the game subbing on for myself with 15 minutes remaining.

Then, against the run of play with some excellent work, DMU gain a goal back (3-8)

This didnt phase Leicester and we continued to play well. Passing was quick and chances were being created. Leicester were in control of the game.

Sanjay came really close with a runner with 12 minutes to go as well as narrowly missing a penalty and Elle also came close with a shot bouncing off the rim of the Korf.

Tim then came to the fore, having come so close all game, he landed an awesome mid-shot which span in style inside the Korf with around 10 minutes to go (3-9) (debut goal). This resulted in subsequent mad celebration from both the bench and Tim himself. It is by far the best and funniest celebration I have seen as Tim lifted his shirt above his head and ran round his half cheering. The celebrations weren’t to stop there as, soon after, Tim landed a second from short range (3-10)

Again it was shots galore with Aisling also coming close. Defensively we were impressive making a lot of interceptions and always trying to win the ball back. With around 5 minutes to go, Rachael landed her korftrick (3-11).

At the switch, Joe and Tom came on for the remaining 5 minutes with myself replacing Andy and Tom switching for Tim.

Soon after the switch, I managed to land a drop off completing my korftrick (3-12).

A couple of minutes later saw Tom use his pace to beat his defender and make the score (3-13)

Immediately after, Tom landed a short bringing the score to (3-14).

Finally, with two minutes to play, my division quickly went from 4-0 to 3-1 to 2-2 with Aisling feeding Racheal in for a runner, bagging her 4th of the game and making the final score (3-15)!

It was a fantastic game to both watch and play in. Tim, Elle, Emma, Andy and Sanjay, well done on playing your first game for Leicester! You all played amazingly!

Also, a big thankyou to my old club DMU for a great game. It was good to see how many new members you have recruited. You all played well! Best of Luck to Ciara and the rest of DMU for the season ahead!


Rachael (4) , Spargo (3) , Joe (3), Tim (2), Tom (2), Ed (1)


This Sunday sees Tempest take on DMU 2 again at Beauchamp College, Oadby- 2:30pm as well as Toto taking on University of Birmingham 2- 1:00pm. Hopefully this will be another thrilling game and one where we can maintain our 100% record.