Leicester Tempest vs. Birmingham Uni 3

This Sunday saw Tempest play our last home game of the season against the formidable Birmingham Uni 3 who are unbeaten throughout this year’s league. Our away fixture was marred by controversy (as much as a minor, local league korfball match can be) and Leicester left 17:7 down, quite literally battered and bruised and with a chip on our shoulder. Big talk and tactics were everywhere in the build up and our superstar team soon appeared. Taking to the court were:

Neil Robinson
Jay Popat
Mel Kupaza
Sam Waller

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (me – Captain)
Karl Sears
Charlotte Heffernan
Vik Whitmore

Ready and raring to go on the bench were Ed Rainbow and Matt Cox. Vik also playing her first full game of the season after being out with injury.

It was tit-for-tat off the bat with both LCKC & UoB scoring in the first minute. Unfortunately it didn’t stay that way and we were soon 2:6 down. A combination of poor movement from us, great movement from UoB & tight marking all round lead to Brum winning a number of penalties against LCKC on one side in particular.

Just before the end of the half Tempest called a time out to deal with the increasing contact being made on shots. Back on court and a couple of goals down it was 2:10. Neil drops a lovely shot from mid distance and at the half we leave court on 3:10

The ultimatum was set. Win the half. We could lose the game but we’d at least leave with our heads held high…

This time it really was tit-for-tat but at a much slower pace than the first half. Shortly after half time Matt Cox rolled on for me and Ed on for Jay. LCKC start dropping behind a bit further. Karl comes off for me and shortly after, Neil, who has been the only boy not to have a breather on the bench, comes off for a marginally refuelled Karl. With 5 minutes to go, Karl scores a penalty won by Charlotte and then a runner of his own. With one minute on the clock I make it onto the scoresheet and that’s all she wrote. At full time it’s LCKC 8, UoB 15.

Our scorers were:

Karl – 2
Me – 1
Charlotte – 1
Neil – 2
Jay – 2

Onwards to the last day of the season which comes this Saturday at the EMKA MGV in Nottingham. We take on our toughest rivals DMU 1 with nothing left to win or lose other than pride, goals and bragging rights. Bring it on!