Leicester Tempest vs DMU 2- 23/10/16

It was Super Sunday at the weekend with all Leicester teams in action! Toto took a superbly tense victory over University of Birmingham 2 and Tornadoes narrowly missed out on a win against Sheffield Hallam University (CERL 2). It could have easily been the other way round with both winning and losing by just one point respectively.

For Tempest however, it was a re-run of Thursday’s fixture against DMU 2. It was time for the second Derby of the season and all within less than a week! Tempest were on home ground at Beauchamp College and eager to maintain their 100% record. Taking to the court were:
Div 1: Joe, Neil, Spargo, Emma
Div 2: Karl, Tim, Gemma, Aine
Raring to go and starting on the bench were Iain, Mark, Sanjay and Kate
The whistle was blown, the game began and Leicester’s second division began in attack!
Tempest started on the front foot attacking from the go. Shots were going up with both Karl and Aine coming agonisingly close. Tempest never really let their foot off the gas but it took 6 minutes & 50 to score the first goal coming from an excellent effort by Tim frommid-rangee, tallying 3 goals in 2 games; an excellent start to the season especially for someone completely new to Korfball! (1-0)
The game continued to have long periods of unchanged defence and attack with another 4 minutes passing before the score line was broken with a penalty being awarded to Tempest.
Karl took to the spot and his experience shone through, effortlessly landing the penalty to make the score (2-0).
It was then a further 11 minutes before any change happened to the score! In the meantime, Tempest had come close. With Joe in feed, Spargo managed to beat her defender numerous times but the shots just weren’t landing. Equally, it was the same for Joe and Neil with excellent supply from Emma and Spargo.
Joe and Neil both went close with runners, Neil close with a drop-off and Emma nearly landing from close range. A penalty was called on a DMU defender for obstructing a runner from Joe from the side. Again, I need more practice at penalties as I overshot the chance. However, I was soon able to redeem myself from up close. (3-0)
It was then only 2 minutes before Spargo grabbed her first goal of the game with a fantastic running shot. (4-0)
The half then drew out with no further goals being scored. I must say the defending from both divisions was excellent and Tempest really limited DMU to what they could do. With that, it was 4-0 at half time and next up was the team talk.
I was lucky again as so far there hasn’t been much to improve on. I continued with my line of ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing’ because I couldn’t fault the team! The only small things I think there could have been to improve on were to take even more shots than what we were doing. Sometimes we were failing to see the obvious pass for a running opportunity and defensively, on 1 or 2 occasions, we were making it hard for ourselves to work the ball back out to attack.
With the second half approaching, it was time to bring on the super-subs. Replacing Spargo was her Toto team-mate Kate. Replacing myself and Neil (and making their debuts) were Iain and Mark. The final change was Tim coming off for Sanjay.
The half got off to a quicker start with DMU taking a goal back within 3 minutes from treasurer Maddie Sansom (4-1).
However, this wasn’t to phase Leicester and, after an amazing 10 seconds, Emma scored her first goal of the season with a short in front of the post. A deserved goal after superb attacking and defending all game. (5-1)
The party wasn’t to stop there as Ian combined excellent passing with Mark to take a mid shot that sailed straight through the korf, 50 secs after Emma’s goal marking Ian’s Debut goal! (6-1)
The bench roared and it looked set for a Tempest goal-fest. However, the half soon took on the form of the first with large periods of unchanged attack and defence. In fact, it was 17 minutes before any change to the score took place.
In this period, Tempest continued to defend superbly. Gemma kept her defender in her pocket and maintained tight marking. Communication from Gemma was also good, commanding the defence in the half with loud tight and feed calls. Gemma also came close with a short shot but again, as it had been for most of the team, the shots were landing the wrong side of the rim. Karl was also tight on defence, letting no DMU attack through.
Bang on the  20-minute mark the scoreline was broken by Kate from Toto. She is new to korfball this season although plays like an experienced player. The goal came from short range, although plenty more could have been on the scoresheet for Kate (7-1).
It was also close for Aine and Sanjay. Aine had a mid shot agonisingly bounce off the rim of the korf. Aine’s defending was also impressive in the game not letting her attacker get any opportunities.
Sanjay, who’s movement was excellent, came close with a runner and a drop-off but sadly didn’t land them.
The game was then finished off in style with Mark scoring his debut goal for Tempest. This time the shot came from mid-range, hanging on the front of the rim but gladly dropping through the korf. Cheers rose from the bench and this completed Tempest’s scoring for the game (8-1)
Before the end, DMU did manage to score another, again from Maddie who had a superb game (8-2).
At the switch Tim subbed for Karl, attacking from the off but the shots just didn’t drop.
The game finished 8-2.
Another fantastic result where I couldn’t have asked for more. All of you played fantastically. Big shout out to Mark, Tim, Emma, Sanjay, Aine, and Iain who held their own in both halves, particularly towards the end of the 2nd half when experienced players were substituted.  The 100% record continues!

Next up for Tempest are Nottingham Magic 3 at home on 13th November. Currently scheduled to be played at Regent College, 5pm.

Let’s go TEMPEST!!!