Leicester Tempest vs. Nottingham University 3

Another Sunday and another game for Tempest. This time we were following Tornadoes. As LCKC 1 finished up against UoN 1 there was a sense that this had set the pace for how LCKC 3 would fare against UoN 3. Tornadoes clinched a hard-earned and slightly unexpected victory (more from Dan on that soon I’m sure) and so it was up to us to do the same…

Taking to the court were:

Neil Robinson
Ed Rainbow
Charlotte Heffernan
Rachel Kings

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (me – Captain)
Karl Sears
Jenny Freeman
Mel Kupaza

and unexpected super-sub Sam Waller


Thanks to some impressive score keeping by Chloe & Abbie on the sidelines – I can give you a minute by minute blow-by-blow of the game!

Kick-off: The game got going quickly. My first touch of the ball is a fumble of a perfect pass from Karl. Off to a great start! Notts come in with pace but perhaps lack a little control, trying to force a feed in attack and perhaps being a tad overzealous in trying to keep us off the post in defence.

02:00: Leicester’s attack win a penalty and Charlotte drives it home – 1:0

04:00: Notts sink one and ends change. 1:1 and Karl, Jenny, Mel & I go into attack.

07:00: Karl lands a beauty for Leicester making an arching runner into post. 2:1

07:00: Down at the other end Notts respond in kind. 2:2 and a change of ends.

13:00: A more cautious few minutes is broken by Dr. Ed who sinks a nice mid. 3:2

14:00: Notts firm up their defence but perhaps too much and contact on a shot yields a penalty that Neil puts away. 4:2 and another change of ends.

18:00: Neil, Ed, Rachael & Charlotte keep Notts at bay as the rest of us, perhaps a bit to hurriedly try to force into 2-2 without doing the groundwork. No matter, Jenny drops a perfect mid shot. 5:2 Leicester

19:00:  This time Notts are ready for the mid and Jenny uses this to her advantage, slipping through for a runner. 6:2 and another change of ends.

22:00: Rachael sinks another. 7:2

27:00: Leicester are keeping Notts at bay in defence but losing structure in attack. A runner by Notts brings contact on the shot and a penalty (not their first either). Notts score. 7:3 and change of ends.

LCKC Time Out: I signal the ref and rally the troops. Notts are getting scrappy and Leicester are getting sucked in. The resounding message is cool your jets and don’t get sucked in to a scrappy game. The other clear instruction is to work the ball round at least once in 4-0 until we start going in to post. Notts aren’t marking us too tightly from far out so this shouldn’t be difficult.

28:00:  Back on court and the team talk has sunk in (temporarily). 4-0 into 3-1 into 2-2 and Jenny is in for a runner 8:3

29:00: Structure again reaps rewards as Karl hits a nice runner. 9:3 change of ends and half time.


Half time: Talk is mostly re-iterating the time out and lots of smiling faces from being 6 up! Notts bring on England capped Lizzie McCloud and Sam subs on for a tired Mel who had earlier marked Lizzie for Tornadoes!


31:00: Back on court and Leicester open the scoring again with Ed sinking a nice mid. 10:3

36:00: Both teams now suring up defence and attacks are struggling to find a gap. Charlotte finds one. 11:3 and a change of ends.

38:00: Notts respond in kind. 11:4

38:00: My turn to join the scoreboard as I take a runner. Contact on the approach brings a whistle but the ball drops and advantage goal is the result. Makes up for the missed penalty I had in the first half? Probably not! 12:4 and another change of ends.

39:00: Notts sink another. 12:5

41:00: Ed makes a cheeky runner. 13:5 and a change

42:00: A misjudged intercept leaves me free on an in-ball which Karl and I quickly 1-2 into the post. Notts boys are quickly back but both switch on to me as I offload to Karl for a flawless drop off. Tempest goal of the season? Maybe but it certainly entertained the Leicester bench. 14:5

43:00: Notts don’t take that one lying down and hit another at their end. 14:6 and a change of ends.

44:00: Contact on a shot of Charlotte’s leads to a penalty. Charlotte hands the ball to Neil who thanks her with another goal. 15:6

49:00: Leicester lose structure again and with just over 10 minutes left we take our foot off the gas a bit. Neil takes post too quickly and at some points we have two collects and a feed! In defence, my urgency to cut out the feed became my undoing. Notts score and we change ends again. 15:7

55:00: Everyone’s looking a bit tired now. Notts are having team talks and putting up a good fight. Leicester seem to just be waiting out the clock until Karl pops up a nice mid. 16:7

56:00: Notts sink two quickly and make us pay for our late loss of focus. 16:9 and the final whistle

Full Time: 16:9


An enjoyable game and great team spirit throughout. Notts scoreline didn’t reflect their efforts. Leicester were lucky to have a high shooting average that Notts didn’t have. On a different day it could have been a much closer game!

Our scorers were:
Karl – 4
Jenny – 3
Ed – 3
Charlotte – 2 (one penalty)
Neil – 2 (one penalty)
Me – 1
Rachael – 1

Our next game is this coming Sunday (Mother’s Day) against as-yet undefeated Birmingham Uni 3. It’ll be a tough one but not impossible – come on Leicester!