Leeds City v Leicester Tornadoes 31/10/2015

Following a defeat away in Manchester, an unfortunate schedule meant that tornadoes were handed a 3 week break before going into a match against the heavily practiced Leeds city team who came runners up in the league last year. The break hadn’t seemed to effect Leicester, keen to get off to a good start the game found itself level at 2-2 early on with Trevor opening the account and a penalty won by Craig saw Dan convert for his first. Leeds realised that they were in for a game and turned up the heat. Leicester did their best to follow with goals coming from each the boys we found ourselves 11-6 down at the half. A much brighter start and a flattering score line for Leeds as Ant must have had 20 shots go in only for the ball to somehow spew out again. 

The second half was a much tighter affair as both teams scored 4 goals less than their first half efforts saw the game end 18-8. Trevor stole the attack with 4 goals to his account but it was Craig how was the stand out performer as his efforts of keeping former Leicester star Rich Crossley quiet only scoring 2 is no mean feat given his 8 last week. Tornadoes’ girls, whilst not adding to our total gave a really strong account of themselves not being bowled over by a seriously strong female contingent in front of them. All in all a good performance with moments to forget about. In a really competitive league Leicester have seemingly ridden out quite a storm at the start of season playing last year’s 1st and 2nd place, finding themselves above the bottom of table on goal difference. They look forward to their first home game of the season against University of Birmingham and hopefully the first points on the board.

Craig Allison

Trevor Brown (4)
Craig Allison
Anthony Ryan
Dan Hawthorne (2)

Notts Uni 2 v Leicester Toto 25/10/2016

A great start to the season for Toto as our first game saw us away to University of Nottingham 2 and the Leicester debuts for Nadia Woods and Melisa Kupaza.

A hotly contested first half saw a number of chances for both sides put away but with neither team able to assert dominance and as the half-time whistled arrived the score was 8-6 to Leicester.

A comparatively slow start to the second half saw just one goal in the first 10 minutes but there was soon a flurry as it began “raining goals” with 3 more in quick succession.

Stand out performance of the game was by Matt Freeman, who, besides doing some sterling defensive work, contributed to 6 goals to the final score of 13-7.

Team news and goals:

Matt C (capt.) (3); Jay Popat; Zoe Stephenson (1); Emma Spargo; Tom O’Callaghan (1)

Matt Freeman (6); Peter Wallett (2); Melisa Kupaza; Nadia Woods; Adil Jaffer


Toto team photo

Manchester Warriors 1 v Leicester Tornadoes 11/10/2015

First up for newly promoted Leicester was last years champions Manchester warriors away from home. Hardly an easy start to the league! We all knew it was going to be a tough start and arguably let that get to us in the first 10 mins; going 7-0 down before Andy salvaged one back with the cleanest shot you’ll ever see, not even touching the sides. At 7-1 Dan, captaining his first game at Leicester, called for a timeout to try and rally the troupes, this had the desired effect with goals from Trevor and Charlotte going unanswered bringing the score back to a more respectable 7-3. This seemed to provoke Manchester into action who showed their class with a few unstoppable long shots and a nice goal from Ant saw Leicester go in at half time 12-4 down. 

Half time was a good chance for us to take on fluid and try and reset the minds. Craig replaced Andy and Rob came on for Ant for his Leicester debut and was quick to get into the game fighting for every loose ball much to the annoyance of the Manchester girls. We identified Craig’s match up as one to exploit and quickly put that into action with a trademark Craig runner coming early in the second half assisted by Rachael. Goals were flying in both ends with a lovely cheeky drop off from Charlotte for her second. Another runner from Craig showed that even with the result potentially out of the question Leicester were still showing the fight that Dan had hoped for at half time. Craig continued to cause trouble for the Manchester defense after good link up with Sam he found himself causing the switch which Dan happily converted. Rob, who had the trouble of being marked by the tallest man on the planet, had to work hard for every ball and found himself running his man and a beautiful finish gave him his first Leicester goal. Even the Manchester players in the other end we applauding the finish! There was enough time left in the match for Trevor to show his finishing converting a free pass in true casual Trev style!

A special mention to Chloe, Sam, Rob and Andy for their first Leicester appearance with the girls being promoted from within the club and their performances showed how easily they have fitted in. Excitingly, I suspect there is much more to come from them! A solid effort from the squad today and the only losing team to score more than 9 in what is going to be a very tough league. Happily there are signs that Leicester might just feel at home here!

Trevor Brown

Trevor Brown (2)
Craig Allison (2)
Charlotte Slater (2)
Anthony Ryan
Dan Hawthorne
Robert Wright (2)
Andy Cunningham