Leicester Tempest vs. Nottingham University 3

Another Sunday and another game for Tempest. This time we were following Tornadoes. As LCKC 1 finished up against UoN 1 there was a sense that this had set the pace for how LCKC 3 would fare against UoN 3. Tornadoes clinched a hard-earned and slightly unexpected victory (more from Dan on that soon I’m sure) and so it was up to us to do the same…

Taking to the court were:

Neil Robinson
Ed Rainbow
Charlotte Heffernan
Rachel Kings

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (me – Captain)
Karl Sears
Jenny Freeman
Mel Kupaza

and unexpected super-sub Sam Waller


Thanks to some impressive score keeping by Chloe & Abbie on the sidelines – I can give you a minute by minute blow-by-blow of the game!

Kick-off: The game got going quickly. My first touch of the ball is a fumble of a perfect pass from Karl. Off to a great start! Notts come in with pace but perhaps lack a little control, trying to force a feed in attack and perhaps being a tad overzealous in trying to keep us off the post in defence.

02:00: Leicester’s attack win a penalty and Charlotte drives it home – 1:0

04:00: Notts sink one and ends change. 1:1 and Karl, Jenny, Mel & I go into attack.

07:00: Karl lands a beauty for Leicester making an arching runner into post. 2:1

07:00: Down at the other end Notts respond in kind. 2:2 and a change of ends.

13:00: A more cautious few minutes is broken by Dr. Ed who sinks a nice mid. 3:2

14:00: Notts firm up their defence but perhaps too much and contact on a shot yields a penalty that Neil puts away. 4:2 and another change of ends.

18:00: Neil, Ed, Rachael & Charlotte keep Notts at bay as the rest of us, perhaps a bit to hurriedly try to force into 2-2 without doing the groundwork. No matter, Jenny drops a perfect mid shot. 5:2 Leicester

19:00:  This time Notts are ready for the mid and Jenny uses this to her advantage, slipping through for a runner. 6:2 and another change of ends.

22:00: Rachael sinks another. 7:2

27:00: Leicester are keeping Notts at bay in defence but losing structure in attack. A runner by Notts brings contact on the shot and a penalty (not their first either). Notts score. 7:3 and change of ends.

LCKC Time Out: I signal the ref and rally the troops. Notts are getting scrappy and Leicester are getting sucked in. The resounding message is cool your jets and don’t get sucked in to a scrappy game. The other clear instruction is to work the ball round at least once in 4-0 until we start going in to post. Notts aren’t marking us too tightly from far out so this shouldn’t be difficult.

28:00:  Back on court and the team talk has sunk in (temporarily). 4-0 into 3-1 into 2-2 and Jenny is in for a runner 8:3

29:00: Structure again reaps rewards as Karl hits a nice runner. 9:3 change of ends and half time.


Half time: Talk is mostly re-iterating the time out and lots of smiling faces from being 6 up! Notts bring on England capped Lizzie McCloud and Sam subs on for a tired Mel who had earlier marked Lizzie for Tornadoes!


31:00: Back on court and Leicester open the scoring again with Ed sinking a nice mid. 10:3

36:00: Both teams now suring up defence and attacks are struggling to find a gap. Charlotte finds one. 11:3 and a change of ends.

38:00: Notts respond in kind. 11:4

38:00: My turn to join the scoreboard as I take a runner. Contact on the approach brings a whistle but the ball drops and advantage goal is the result. Makes up for the missed penalty I had in the first half? Probably not! 12:4 and another change of ends.

39:00: Notts sink another. 12:5

41:00: Ed makes a cheeky runner. 13:5 and a change

42:00: A misjudged intercept leaves me free on an in-ball which Karl and I quickly 1-2 into the post. Notts boys are quickly back but both switch on to me as I offload to Karl for a flawless drop off. Tempest goal of the season? Maybe but it certainly entertained the Leicester bench. 14:5

43:00: Notts don’t take that one lying down and hit another at their end. 14:6 and a change of ends.

44:00: Contact on a shot of Charlotte’s leads to a penalty. Charlotte hands the ball to Neil who thanks her with another goal. 15:6

49:00: Leicester lose structure again and with just over 10 minutes left we take our foot off the gas a bit. Neil takes post too quickly and at some points we have two collects and a feed! In defence, my urgency to cut out the feed became my undoing. Notts score and we change ends again. 15:7

55:00: Everyone’s looking a bit tired now. Notts are having team talks and putting up a good fight. Leicester seem to just be waiting out the clock until Karl pops up a nice mid. 16:7

56:00: Notts sink two quickly and make us pay for our late loss of focus. 16:9 and the final whistle

Full Time: 16:9


An enjoyable game and great team spirit throughout. Notts scoreline didn’t reflect their efforts. Leicester were lucky to have a high shooting average that Notts didn’t have. On a different day it could have been a much closer game!

Our scorers were:
Karl – 4
Jenny – 3
Ed – 3
Charlotte – 2 (one penalty)
Neil – 2 (one penalty)
Me – 1
Rachael – 1

Our next game is this coming Sunday (Mother’s Day) against as-yet undefeated Birmingham Uni 3. It’ll be a tough one but not impossible – come on Leicester!

Nottingham Magic 1 v Leicester Toto – 28/02/16

A tough night at the office against the league winners elect. Before this game  Magic had only dropped one point and boasted the top two league scorers in their ranks. Leicester traveled to Nottingham hoping to firm up their bid for 3rd place come the end of the season.

Magic showed their quality early on, taking an 8-0 lead before Leicester called a timeout to regroup and reassess.

The timeout certainly allowed Leicester to get a foot back in the game, going in at half-time 11-3 down – matching Magic goal for goal and causing real frustration. The second half was equally tough with Tom O’Callaghan completing his korftrick but Magic took further control, running out 28-8 winners.

Team news:

Matt C (c) (1), Tom (3), Mel, Becky

Matt F (2), Rob P (1), Rachael (1), Chloe

Nottingham Uni 4 vs. Leicester Tempest

Away again after our thursday victory. Tempest were off to Nottingham’s Sutton Bonnington campus to take on Notts Uni 4. Our modest team of 7 consisted of:

Jay Popat
Neil Robinson
Shannon Hibbett
Justyna Mancewicz (Guest)

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (c)
Karl Sears
Aisling Mullins (Guest)

Thanks to some impressive live tweeting from the Notts Uni benches, my reporting is pretty easy this time!

Notts take the lead…

…and keep it!

Aisling has found her feet and is killing it in defence. Karl finding the korf repeatedly and Justyna is unstoppable!

Shannon’s defence is looking unbeatable and Aisling is still making moves despite having two defenders!

It’s too close to call and the game is getting scrappy.

Yes Justyna!

And that’s all she wrote! A fantastic win for Tempest. I’m chuffed to say that I was probably the weakest player on the LCKC side. Incredible to see how far the team has come this year. Huge congratulations go out to Aisling for playing an incredible game, as a guest against two experienced girls – one of whom has an England cap! It’s never easy playing against two and not getting your name on the score sheet but Ash kept her chin up through the whole game and was the backbone of th team throughout. Another hearty well done for Karl & Justyna for making the goals that won us the game. And finally to Shannon who looks like a different player than she did just weeks ago. Shooting, making plays and locking down defence in a way that implies a far longer history with korfball!

Justyna Mancewicz – 6
Karl Sears – 6
Tom O’Callaghan (c) – 1
Jay Popat – 1 (penalty)

The only negative to take away was that we let ourselves get a little snippy with the ref. Scrappy games make for freyed tempers but that’s no excuse for poor sportsmanship. Something we’ll be looking to put behind us going forward.

After two consecutive wins Tempest have moved up to 3rd in the league table, our highest ever position. However we’ll need to win our final three games to stay there! Next up is Notts Uni 3 at home this coming Sunday (28/02) and we need a win to keep our grip on a league placement…

DMU 2 vs. Leicester Tempest

Just two weeks after beating DMU 2 at home it was time for us to play them on their turf. Ironically, it’s our turf too and support was out in full for both teams. Despite filling the bleachers and having a full set of boys to sub on at the half, we were still a girl down and playing with a team of 7 (typical LCKC!).

Taking to the court were:

Stuart Trolley
Matt Cox
Sam Waller

And the second division:

Ed Rainbow
Neil Robinson
Chloe Studley
Shannon Hibbett

Somehow we got off to a rocky start aand it was soon 1:1 for the change of ends but Leicester soon picked up. Some excellent exchanges between Matt, Sam & Stuart led to some great runners and over the other side Chloe & Shannon were locking the game down completely. By the half it was 3:7 to Leicester with Matt having scored 4 and Neil, Chloe & Ed both in for one a piece. The half time team talk consisted of calming down the game and locking defence down completely. A key part was making our out balls more effective.

Ed & Neil were off for Karl & Jay, Matt & Stuart off for me and Mark. We took to the court in style with a beautifully floated pass straight into Marks hands for a runner which took us to 3:8. Leicester continued to dominate and keep a clean sheet. A quick time out and Sam re-itterated that we should keep DMU’s second half score at 0. Unfortunately, we hadn’t accounted for Joe taking the court and, while I just managed to keep Joe locked down, Mark wasn’t so lucky in stopping their 1-2 leading to a great runner. Final score 4:14 and a big win for a 7 person Tempest team.

Matt Cox – 4
Chloe Studley – 3
Ed Rainbow – 1
Neil Robinson – 1
Sam Waller – 1
Tom O’Callaghan (c) – 1
Mark Nicholson – 1
Jay Popat – 1
Karl Sears – 1

Our next game was away to Notts Uni 4 on Sunday 21/02 – I won’t spoil it here but the report will be published shortly!

University of Birmingham 2 vs Leicester 2 – 20/02/16

A tough match was in store for Leicester with the 3-match balance being shared one a piece before this game. A bit of a hodge-podge team, sourcing players from all three levels of Leicester Korfball and even utilising two guest players – Aisling Mullins, a former Leicesterite, now plying her trade for Nottingham Magic, and a combination of Emma and Kat – Birmingham University’s substiture girls that they were kind enough to loan to us.

The game started lively enough with Birmingham taking the early lead but the next ten or so minutes took on a much slower complexion as both teams settled in to their rhythm, both missing chances. As the half-time whistle blew it was 6-6 and everything to play for. First team captain Dan Hawthorne came on for third team captain Tom O’Callaghan and came into the game with fresh legs and fresh ideas.

Unfortunately, Leicester couldn’t take advantage of either of these things as we lost shape and tried one too many half chances, while Birmingham dialled in their range and found the korf again and again, outscoring Leicester in the second half 10-6.

Full time score: 16-12

Next match: Nottingham Magic 1 v Leicester 2; Friday 26 February @ 8pm – Bilborough College, Nottingham


Team news:

Matt C (c) (3), Tom (1st half) (1), Dan (2nd half) (2), Chloe

Adil (1), Pete (4), Sam (1), Aisling

Nottingham City 2 vs. Leicester Tempest

Question: When is an away game not an away game? When it’s played at home! After already forfeiting their away fixture to us in the first half of the season, it looked likely that NKC may have to do the same again. Luckily, myself and NKC’s Rob arranged to play the game on LCKC turf meaning we could make the fixture happen. Notts fielded the same team twice. Once against Toto at 2.30 and again against us at 4. Similar issues meant that we played the same four girls in both games too! Sadly, Abbie had dislocated her knee in the Toto game so our secret star player Jenny (back from maternity leave) had to be revealed slightly ahead of time. Taking to court for Toto & Tempest!

Taking to the court were:

Neil Robinson
Jay Popat
Jenny Freeman
Mel Kupaza

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Karl Sears
Chloe Studley
Gemma Louella Wallis

Playing a team that had just narrowly lost by one (17:16) to Toto was no mean feat. Shots went back and forth quickly and by the end of the half we were behind. Going into the second half we had much of the same. Notts called a time-out 15 minutes in and, with Matt Cox, Matt Freeman & Pete all on the sideline, they told us what we needed to hear. For the next 10 minutes Tempest ran the show. The team worked like a well-oiled machine and with just a few scant minutes on the clock we were down by just two at 14:12. We held on putting up shot after shot but none dropping. Eventually NKC found the korf again and the whistle blew. The final score was 16:12 – a well-earned narrow defeat for Tempest.

Our goals went to Chloe (1), Karl (2), Jay (1), Neil (3), me (4) and Gemma (1). Most notable were a couple of incredible post switches between myself and Karl that can only get better from here and 3 precision perfect shots by Neil after a half time pep talk consisting of “shoot Neil!”. A highlight was Gemma sinking her second league goal in as many weeks for us. Clearly Tempest is her team…

Our next game is at away to DMU 2 onThursday 18/02 – Our last game was great fun and a tight one at 8-6. Lets see if we can’t make it two in a row against DMU…

Leicester Toto v Notts City 1 – 14/02/16

An exciting game in prospect with the scoreline from the first game being more than halved in our second match-up which showed Toto were improving with each fixture.

A quick start saw Notts City take the lead but Leicester were keen to keep them on a short leash and never allowed Notts to have more than a two-goal lead.

Matt Freeman’s first game back from paternity leave saw him bag three goals before Abbie Mycroft’s knee injury forced a reshuffle that saw him be replaced by Pete Wallett and Jenny Freeman make a much-anticipated return to the sport after maternity leave, a much earlier reappearance than I’m sure she was planning! The 10-8 deficit at half-time was soon made 12-12 with Notts keeping their noses in front by one goal until the dying minutes when Leicester got a last gasp winner to seal an historic 17-16 win.

Rob Parnham contributed a season’s best 5 goals with Adil Jaffer contributing another 4.


Team news:

Matt C (c) (2), Rob P (5), Mel, Chloe

Matt F (3), Adil (4), Pete (3), Abbie, Gemma W, Jenny


Leicester Tempest vs. DMU 2

Leicester Tempest were back in action on Sunday and ready to make our first ever consecutive wins. We squared up against DMU 2, our sister club and also our closest rivals at times. With a shared coaching pool and a friendly relationship between our players, playing DMU is always enjoyable and always competitive!

We had to bolster the Tempest ranks with a Toto-er or two and even a couple of Tornadoes but to even the score we lent two of our best to DMU as well. Taking to the court were:

Neil Robinson
Ed Rainbow
Melisa Kupaza
Gemma Louella Wallis

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Mark Nicholson
Faz Flintham
Abbie Mycroft

Chloe Studley (super sub)


With the exception of Faz, Neil, Ed & Mark we were all on our second games of the day and feeling the burn. The game was great and, although Leicester took the lead early and held it, DMU didn’t let up, never falling more than three behind. Lending DMU Charlotte and Rachael may have been a tactical error with the two of them scoring 4 of DMU’s 6 total goals.

Our goals went to Chloe (1), Mel (1), Neil (1), me (4) and Gemma (1). Most notable were a couple of incredible post switches between myself and Mark that would have made Tornadoes proud! These were made all the more incredible by the fact that Mark hasn’t been on court for months due to work commitments – it’s like riding a bike! A highlight was Gemma sinking her first league goal. She’s had a great season already playing assist to some of Toto & Tempest’s best goals but it’s great to finally see her name on the score sheet!

Our next game is at away to Nottingham City 2 on Sunday 14/02 -which should make for a very tough game against the second team in the league! Valentines Day will mark a fixture with no love lost I’m sure!

Notts Uni 2 vs Leicester Toto 07/02/16

Following on from Friday night’s effort against Voodoo, Nottingham University 2 were up next with barely a break between the two.

Having won 3 of the previous 4 meetings with university sides in the league, hopes were high to continue this good form and bounce back from Friday night’s defeat. A high tempo start but with few chances being converted meant the score was a modest 5-3 at half time.

After the break Leicester really turned on their game and romped into a heavy lead with Matt C moving into pole position as the team’s top scorer for the season by converting 5 of his opportunities, scoring 2 from 2 from the penalty spot. Final score: 16 – 6


Team news and scorers:

Matt C (c) (5), Tom (1), Becky (2), Mel

Rob P (4), Pete (3), Rachael (1), Gemma


Nottingham Voodoo vs Leicester Toto 05/02/16

With a pre-Christmas fixture being rearranged for the start of March, this was the second team’s first encounter with Voodoo this season. Well matched in all areas, and with good starts to the season for both teams, this fixture and the follow up matches in March, should determine who finishes 3rd and 4th in the league.

Voodoo got off to a great start going 3-0 up in the first 10 minutes. Leicester regrouped and fought back and after a time out for a water break in an unusually warm hall, the score was 5-3 to Voodoo. At half-time it was 7-4 and Leicester came out fighting getting two quick goals after the break. Adil had to be substituted off when he went over on his ankle and it was scoring in turns for each team until the end, with Voodoo finishing 10-8 winners.

A terrifically close match that could’ve been lost and won by both sides but it’s first blood to Voodoo in the race for third. Special mention for Becky Kings who, following her step down from Tornadoes, followed up her first goal of the season with an amazing long shot for her second.


Team news and goals:

Matt C (c) (1), Tom, (1), Pete, Mel, Becky (2)

Adil (1), Rob P (2), Rachael (1), Chloe, Abbie