Leicester Tempest vs DMU 2- 23/10/16

It was Super Sunday at the weekend with all Leicester teams in action! Toto took a superbly tense victory over University of Birmingham 2 and Tornadoes narrowly missed out on a win against Sheffield Hallam University (CERL 2). It could have easily been the other way round with both winning and losing by just one point respectively.

For Tempest however, it was a re-run of Thursday’s fixture against DMU 2. It was time for the second Derby of the season and all within less than a week! Tempest were on home ground at Beauchamp College and eager to maintain their 100% record. Taking to the court were:
Div 1: Joe, Neil, Spargo, Emma
Div 2: Karl, Tim, Gemma, Aine
Raring to go and starting on the bench were Iain, Mark, Sanjay and Kate
The whistle was blown, the game began and Leicester’s second division began in attack!
Tempest started on the front foot attacking from the go. Shots were going up with both Karl and Aine coming agonisingly close. Tempest never really let their foot off the gas but it took 6 minutes & 50 to score the first goal coming from an excellent effort by Tim frommid-rangee, tallying 3 goals in 2 games; an excellent start to the season especially for someone completely new to Korfball! (1-0)
The game continued to have long periods of unchanged defence and attack with another 4 minutes passing before the score line was broken with a penalty being awarded to Tempest.
Karl took to the spot and his experience shone through, effortlessly landing the penalty to make the score (2-0).
It was then a further 11 minutes before any change happened to the score! In the meantime, Tempest had come close. With Joe in feed, Spargo managed to beat her defender numerous times but the shots just weren’t landing. Equally, it was the same for Joe and Neil with excellent supply from Emma and Spargo.
Joe and Neil both went close with runners, Neil close with a drop-off and Emma nearly landing from close range. A penalty was called on a DMU defender for obstructing a runner from Joe from the side. Again, I need more practice at penalties as I overshot the chance. However, I was soon able to redeem myself from up close. (3-0)
It was then only 2 minutes before Spargo grabbed her first goal of the game with a fantastic running shot. (4-0)
The half then drew out with no further goals being scored. I must say the defending from both divisions was excellent and Tempest really limited DMU to what they could do. With that, it was 4-0 at half time and next up was the team talk.
I was lucky again as so far there hasn’t been much to improve on. I continued with my line of ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing’ because I couldn’t fault the team! The only small things I think there could have been to improve on were to take even more shots than what we were doing. Sometimes we were failing to see the obvious pass for a running opportunity and defensively, on 1 or 2 occasions, we were making it hard for ourselves to work the ball back out to attack.
With the second half approaching, it was time to bring on the super-subs. Replacing Spargo was her Toto team-mate Kate. Replacing myself and Neil (and making their debuts) were Iain and Mark. The final change was Tim coming off for Sanjay.
The half got off to a quicker start with DMU taking a goal back within 3 minutes from treasurer Maddie Sansom (4-1).
However, this wasn’t to phase Leicester and, after an amazing 10 seconds, Emma scored her first goal of the season with a short in front of the post. A deserved goal after superb attacking and defending all game. (5-1)
The party wasn’t to stop there as Ian combined excellent passing with Mark to take a mid shot that sailed straight through the korf, 50 secs after Emma’s goal marking Ian’s Debut goal! (6-1)
The bench roared and it looked set for a Tempest goal-fest. However, the half soon took on the form of the first with large periods of unchanged attack and defence. In fact, it was 17 minutes before any change to the score took place.
In this period, Tempest continued to defend superbly. Gemma kept her defender in her pocket and maintained tight marking. Communication from Gemma was also good, commanding the defence in the half with loud tight and feed calls. Gemma also came close with a short shot but again, as it had been for most of the team, the shots were landing the wrong side of the rim. Karl was also tight on defence, letting no DMU attack through.
Bang on the  20-minute mark the scoreline was broken by Kate from Toto. She is new to korfball this season although plays like an experienced player. The goal came from short range, although plenty more could have been on the scoresheet for Kate (7-1).
It was also close for Aine and Sanjay. Aine had a mid shot agonisingly bounce off the rim of the korf. Aine’s defending was also impressive in the game not letting her attacker get any opportunities.
Sanjay, who’s movement was excellent, came close with a runner and a drop-off but sadly didn’t land them.
The game was then finished off in style with Mark scoring his debut goal for Tempest. This time the shot came from mid-range, hanging on the front of the rim but gladly dropping through the korf. Cheers rose from the bench and this completed Tempest’s scoring for the game (8-1)
Before the end, DMU did manage to score another, again from Maddie who had a superb game (8-2).
At the switch Tim subbed for Karl, attacking from the off but the shots just didn’t drop.
The game finished 8-2.
Another fantastic result where I couldn’t have asked for more. All of you played fantastically. Big shout out to Mark, Tim, Emma, Sanjay, Aine, and Iain who held their own in both halves, particularly towards the end of the 2nd half when experienced players were substituted.  The 100% record continues!

Next up for Tempest are Nottingham Magic 3 at home on 13th November. Currently scheduled to be played at Regent College, 5pm.

Let’s go TEMPEST!!!

Leicester Toto vs University of Birmingham 2 – 23/10/2016

A fantastic start to the season saw Leicester Toto at home against the University of Birmingham’s 2nd team. With Trevor Brown stepping in as our very own Peter Wallet stepped up to the first team for the weekend.

The game started off well with Tom scoring a lovely short shot 30 seconds in, but Brum quickly equalised a minute later. The next 10 minutes saw some really great play as the classic uni team defended extremely tight and Leicester had to adapt to gain some space and get shots off. These fell for our Matthew’s of the match Coxy and Freeman taking the score to 3-1. However, with some of our shots not falling and with Brum gaining the rebound the next 4 goals fell to Birmingham. With the score at 3-5 Rachael called a timeout to attempt to boost some morale and take on some fluids. For the next 10 minutes Leicester defended their backsides off and no balls fell for Brum, but with 30 seconds till half time Trevor nailed his classic drop off, taking the score to 4-5 as the whistle blew. As the jelly babies did the rounds Freeman, Kings and O’Callaghan gave some pointers and encouragement and a clearly re-energised team stepped back onto the court. For the next 10 minutes ball after ball dropped for Leicester, Coxy and Freeman with two blinding longs, Tom with a lovely veer off to the right, and Trevor with a cheeky under the post and a foot perfect veering mid shot. With the score now standing at 9-5 Leicester had the heads in the game and it took Birmingham 13 minutes into the game to drop their 6th goal. With a naughty contact to the arm on her shot, Rachael was awarded a penalty but it fell short. The following 10 mins were a flurry of goals with Freeman nailing his final two and Trevor with another veering short shot but with Birmingham matching us goal for goal taking the score to 12-8 with 9 more minutes to go! By now Leicester were starting to flag under the scrutinising defence of uni and with Birminghams 9th, 10th and 11th goal dropping Leicester had to turn up their defence. And boy did they do just that, for the final 5 minutes not a single ball dropped for Birmingham giving Leicester Toto the win as the whistle blew with 12-11.

With special mention to Elle for her first match for Toto, absolutely nailing defence and always being in good space.

And to our newest and youngest recruit Kate who constantly had her defender on the back foot and who was just unlucky that her shots didn’t fall that day!

What a way to start the season!

DMU 2 v Leicester Tempest – 20/10/16

Last night saw the start of the season for Leicester Tempest, playing sister club and closest rivals DMU 2 and what a start to the season it was! Derby Day was on and it was also a momentous occasion for a number of our players making their debuts and scoring some debut goals (more on this to follow). Shout out to Tim, Elle, Emma, Andy and Sanjay for a fantastic performance, I was proud of you all! :)

So the match was set and taking to the court for Tempest were:

Rachael, Emma, Joe ©, Andy

And the Second Division:

Ed, Tom, Elle, Spargo

Raring to go and starting on the bench were: Aisling, Sanjay and Tim

DMU got off to a flying start. Within a minute into the game Ally (DMU) scored her debut goal with a short shot in front of the post. 1-0

However Tempest soon got back into the game with a great effort by Spargo drawing us level (1-1).

With a change of ends, it was time for Tim to make his debut and roll on as sub for Tom

From the restart narrowly missing, I played in Rachael with a side feed with the runner falling the wrong side of the rim

Shortly after, Tempest drew ahead (1-2) with a short from myself marking my first goal for Tempest, having moved from DMU at the end of last season and marking my first appearance as captain!

Afterwards, shots were going up from Leicester but unfortunately none were dropping and it was a while before the scoreline was broken by Rachael, landing a penalty having been fouled on the way through for a runner. (1-3)

With a time out called by myself we had a chance to change up our game plan. With experienced advice from Tom, we needed to keep organised and maintain 4-0 as we were tending to get a bit cramped together. DMU were defending extremely well and marking us tightly but this presented the opportunity to take advantage of the space behind the defenders where the opportunities for runners were open to take!

After the time out DMU did not lie down and went back on the offensive with another debutante, Becky (DMU), scoring a mid-shot half way into the first half. (2-3)

From then, the tempo was mixed but the advice from the time out came through. Fantastic passing and movement from Tim, Elle and Spargo saw Ed beating his man to land a runner (2-4). Shortly after a change of ends, Emma and Andy passed and moved superbly to create the chance for Rachael to combine with Joe to net a runner also (2-5)

At 2-5, the tempo of the game slowed right down with both teams defending extremely well and important interceptions coming from Andy. Emma also did well to find the positions and passes to the rest of the team in a division heavily pressed by the DMU defenders.

A chance to break the scoreline was missed with 10 minutes to go by myself (more practice needed :P) when a penalty was given for being defended by a DMU girl on the way for a runner.

More shots went up before the break from both sides deep into the first half with Elle, Emma, Tim and Andy all coming extremely close, it was so unlucky that Leicester’s new recruits didn’t all come away with a debut goal within the first half for Leicester.

The half finished 2-5.

At the break, subs were made with Aisling taking the place of Emma and Sanjay (newly transferred from Sheffield Uni) taking the place of Ed.

Meanwhile, DMU chose to replace all of their outfield players with more new recruits but also bringing in the experience of Chair Ciara Maguire and Secretary Zoe Penfold

The team talk advice was just to keep playing the way we were and maintain the space we were making. With a loud ‘TEMPEST!” team shout – arguably better than DMU’s ;) (there was a competition on ,with various woop’s and ooooooo’s coming from each side) we were ready for the second half.

We didn’t let the fresh legs scare us and into the second half Leicester really took it up a gear

Two quick fire goals from Spargo saw Leicester make the lead (2-7) and Spargo complete her Korftrick.

Soon after, I bagged my second of the game rebounding my failed running attempt (2-8)

With the switch around Ed came back into the game subbing on for myself with 15 minutes remaining.

Then, against the run of play with some excellent work, DMU gain a goal back (3-8)

This didnt phase Leicester and we continued to play well. Passing was quick and chances were being created. Leicester were in control of the game.

Sanjay came really close with a runner with 12 minutes to go as well as narrowly missing a penalty and Elle also came close with a shot bouncing off the rim of the Korf.

Tim then came to the fore, having come so close all game, he landed an awesome mid-shot which span in style inside the Korf with around 10 minutes to go (3-9) (debut goal). This resulted in subsequent mad celebration from both the bench and Tim himself. It is by far the best and funniest celebration I have seen as Tim lifted his shirt above his head and ran round his half cheering. The celebrations weren’t to stop there as, soon after, Tim landed a second from short range (3-10)

Again it was shots galore with Aisling also coming close. Defensively we were impressive making a lot of interceptions and always trying to win the ball back. With around 5 minutes to go, Rachael landed her korftrick (3-11).

At the switch, Joe and Tom came on for the remaining 5 minutes with myself replacing Andy and Tom switching for Tim.

Soon after the switch, I managed to land a drop off completing my korftrick (3-12).

A couple of minutes later saw Tom use his pace to beat his defender and make the score (3-13)

Immediately after, Tom landed a short bringing the score to (3-14).

Finally, with two minutes to play, my division quickly went from 4-0 to 3-1 to 2-2 with Aisling feeding Racheal in for a runner, bagging her 4th of the game and making the final score (3-15)!

It was a fantastic game to both watch and play in. Tim, Elle, Emma, Andy and Sanjay, well done on playing your first game for Leicester! You all played amazingly!

Also, a big thankyou to my old club DMU for a great game. It was good to see how many new members you have recruited. You all played well! Best of Luck to Ciara and the rest of DMU for the season ahead!


Rachael (4) , Spargo (3) , Joe (3), Tim (2), Tom (2), Ed (1)


This Sunday sees Tempest take on DMU 2 again at Beauchamp College, Oadby- 2:30pm as well as Toto taking on University of Birmingham 2- 1:00pm. Hopefully this will be another thrilling game and one where we can maintain our 100% record.

Leicester Tornadoes v Leeds City 2 – 16/10/2016

Following our nail-biting game against Manchester Warriors 2 for the opening game of the season, Tornadoes were on once again at our (temporary) home venue of Beauchamp College. Taking to the court, as well as most of the Tornadoes regulars were Faz and Pete, who had kindly stepped up to bolster the ranks. Thankfully, I don’t have to transcribe a blow-by-blow of the game for you because we had live tweets from the sideline! So, the game went like this:

It’s tantalisingly close at the half with Leicester and Leeds exchanging goals almost 1 to 1. James comes on but Ant stays on the bench at risk of aggravating a potential back injury. Down by just one, Leicester head back on court.

And that’s it! A painstakingly close match but a great one to watch even if the score didn’t go our way. If a few unlucky shots had gone differently, it could have been a different result but we move on, ready to improve and excited for next Sunday’s away game at Sheffield Hallam University.

Brilliant guest appearances from Pete & Faz. See you all next week!

Manchester Warriors 2 vs. Leicester Tornadoes

The season began in spectacular style on Sunday with Tornadoes (pictured post match and full of Frankie & Benny’s) in action against Manchester Warriors 2 away in Manchester. The nail-biting clash began later than planned after the previous game, a sometimes tantalisingly close clash between Snakebite and Warriors 1, ran way over. With little-to-no warm up time, a slightly stiff Tornadoes took to the court.

We began the game a bit frantically with some very unstructured attack and spotty defence quickly falling 4 down. Stand in captain Jenny called a time-out and we adjusted our game plan but, being 4 down after 10 minutes and with nothing on the board, there was a lot needed. By the time the half had ended we had been tit-for-tat and the score stood at around 7:4 thanks to James, Mel, Jenny and a scorching near-halfway screamer from Trevor.

The middle of the second half was nicely caught on camera by Rachael but I can tell you now, having been on court, it was a lot faster and more active than it looks here!

Soon after the start of the second half, and utilising this season’s new rolling subs rule, Trevor came off for Craig, Rachael on for Mel and Ant on for Rob. The newly invigorated team soon made an impact with Tornadoes dominating 3 consecutive attacks and getting the scoreboard back up to 8:8. First Jenny and James scored back-to-back before swapping ends and letting Tom and Craig do the same. Another change and Jenny sunk her hat-trick leaving Tornadoes in front at 8:9.

With little more than 10 minutes left on the clock, it was looking like the Tornadoes comeback might stick but then came an ‘interesting’ free pass decision against Leicester. Manchester sunk it with precision to bring the score back to 9 a piece. Leicester looked to have replied with a fantastic runner but it was called as defended. The decisions didn’t go Leicester’s way again as a seemingly clear penalty wasn’t given. Suddenly the momentum was back in Manchester’s favour. Sealing it with a penalty in the last two minutes, Manchester took the game 13:9.

Tornadoes were:

Captain Jenny (3), Aisling, Rob, James (2), Ant

Abbie, Mel (1), Rachael, Trevor (1), Tom (1), Craig (1)

It was a fantastically close match and a fun game despite the outcome. Leicester started the season in style even if the score line disagrees and there’s plenty still to work on before next week’s Sunday clash at home to Leeds. See you there!