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Leicester Tempest vs. Nottingham University 3

Another Sunday and another game for Tempest. This time we were following Tornadoes. As LCKC 1 finished up against UoN 1 there was a sense that this had set the pace for how LCKC 3 would fare against UoN 3. Tornadoes clinched a hard-earned and slightly unexpected victory (more from Dan on that soon I’m sure) […]

Nottingham Uni 4 vs. Leicester Tempest

Away again after our thursday victory. Tempest were off to Nottingham’s Sutton Bonnington campus to take on Notts Uni 4. Our modest team of 7 consisted of: Jay Popat Neil Robinson Shannon Hibbett Justyna Mancewicz (Guest) And the second division: Tom O’Callaghan (c) Karl Sears Aisling Mullins (Guest) Thanks to some impressive live tweeting from the […]

DMU 2 vs. Leicester Tempest

Just two weeks after beating DMU 2 at home it was time for us to play them on their turf. Ironically, it’s our turf too and support was out in full for both teams. Despite filling the bleachers and having a full set of boys to sub on at the half, we were still a […]

Nottingham City 2 vs. Leicester Tempest

Question: When is an away game not an away game? When it’s played at home! After already forfeiting their away fixture to us in the first half of the season, it looked likely that NKC may have to do the same again. Luckily, myself and NKC’s Rob arranged to play the game on LCKC turf […]

Leicester Tempest vs. DMU 2

Leicester Tempest were back in action on Sunday and ready to make our first ever consecutive wins. We squared up against DMU 2, our sister club and also our closest rivals at times. With a shared coaching pool and a friendly relationship between our players, playing DMU is always enjoyable and always competitive! We had […]

Nottingham Uni 3 vs. Leicester Tempest

Following our first big win and then very close defeat in the preceeding two weeks, hopes were high for yesterday’s game. We had to bolster the Tempest ranks with a Toto-er or two and a partially injured Rachael. Even then we only managed to field 3 girls making us 7 on-court. Those magnificent 7 (plus […]

DMU 1 vs. Leicester Tempest

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Leicester derby with both of last year’s fixtures being delayed but this week the clash was on. We were away to DMU 1 although luckily for us, away isn’t too far with DMU’s home venue also being one of ours! As it always does, our match with […]

Nottingham Magic 3 vs. Leicester Tempest

What a week for Leicester’s korfballers! This match report is all about the first fixture of the week but there were 3 more, all equally exciting. Tempest finally clinched that long awaited win – and comfortably too. We’ve waited for well over a year and boy does it feel good to win! Better still, two of […]

Leicester Tornadoes v Hawks 22/11/2015

Crunch time! 3 teams the CEKL league 1 had perfect records going into this weekend. Birmingham city have won all 4 games whilst Leicester and Manchester hawks had both lost all of their 4, not a perfect record to be proud of. The day had come where the teams sat at the bottom would meet […]

Leicester Tempest vs. Notts. Uni 4

Our second game of the season and Leicester 3rds (Tempest) took on Nottingham Uni 4 at home. With our excellent team performance resulting in a 10-10 draw from two weeks before in mind, we were keen to bring the same passion and structure into this game. Our team consisted of 4 Tempest veterans, 4 new season starters […]