Leicester Toto vs. University of Birmingham 2

Toto set off in high spirits (or is that “full of spirits” as Luca told me, his Captain?!) to Birmingham after a very long winter break.  But ten minutes from our destination there was a sudden change of venue! With Luca and Chloe on the phones in the mobile HQ, this was no problem and Toto arrived before the Birmingham team AND in time to watch a basketball match!

Toto started full of energy with division 1  (Aine, Emma, Ant, and Greg) attacking hard. Defending to the hilt in the other half were Andy, Luca, Clair, and Spargo. Both teams were working hard, and for 5 minutes there was a stalemate. Toto scored first and then each team matched each other – end-to-end excitement.  At the end of a tough half, Toto had put those shots up and pulled away with a two goal lead.

In the second half Joe, the Interceptor, came on for Greg and Claire came on for Chloe. After the hard work of the first half, the energy levels had dropped and a time out was needed.  Toto were reinvigorated with the words of Dan and Ant ringing in their ears and the defending intensified again as the shots went up.  At the final whistle, Toto had an 8 goal win!

Well done to Chloe and Claire who were making their debuts with Toto and at very short notice too!  Thanks to coach Dan and traveling fan Luke for their support and guidance.  MVP was Spargo for good behavior (“Not sure about that!” – Captain)

Another very strong team performance and effort. It was great to see the number of goals scored and by different team members too:

  • Aine (2)
  • Emma (1)
  • Ant (1)
  • Andy (5)
  • Spargo (1)
  • Greg (4)
  • Luca (4)

Fab effort Toto!

Leicester Tempest vs. University of Birmingham 3

The Beast from the East 2.0 wasn’t going to hamper us getting to Birmingham. Saying that, Captain Sense of Direction a.k.a. Jordan was having a battle with his sat nav having gone to two other places before finding the right sports hall.

While Jordan was taking in a scenic tour of Birmingham, we were neck and neck with Brum. Their attack was fluid but the Leicester defence pushed back. Early goals from Craig meant Tempest always maintained a one-goal lead throughout the first half and by halftime it was 5-4 to Tempest setting up a juicy second half.

It was at this point Jordan blessed us with his presence and burst onto the court. Brum, as expected, came out strong but, as with the first half, Leicester’s defensive wall stood strong. Special mention to Abbi here for intercepting everything and never giving her girl a chance!

Brum changed their tactic. Having made some impact subs, they turned a one-goal deficit into a one-goal advantage. A quick flurry of goals further extended their lead. Tempest weren’t done yet though. A goal with a few minutes to go cut the goal difference to three. Vik’s excellent feed set up some promising Tempest movements with Neil, Jordan and Claire but unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. Final score – 13-8.

Well done to Abbi and Chloe for coming back from injuries! Also, thanks to Craig, Dan and Vik for helping us out.

Highlight of the match – Neil for his pinpoint accurate pass from attack to defence having forgotten he was in attack!!

Craig – 3
Sanj – 3
Neil – 1
Claire – 1

LCKC Summer Tournament 2018: Russia

It’s been six months since the Big American One came to a close having been the best weekend we have ever hosted. Living up to it’s name, we had been hoping to host 24 teams but we were full by mid April with 36! It was a brilliant weekend with loads of new faces and having taken six months to recover, we are ready to go again.

We had some brilliant feedback from the clubs who came and some great ideas on how we can
make this year’s event even better, mostly around making the event much simpler for everyone
involved which is brilliant given the sheer number of people and how knackered we were on Sunday!

So, the venue won’t change and will still run for 42 hours from Friday evening through to Sunday midday. We will still return to Aylestone St. James RFC in the heart of the beautiful Tornado Valley, complete with the amazing views and rustic facilities.

We will still host a get together on Friday night with some food and a bring your own beer night. The tourney will run through Saturday with the kitchen open all day serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner plus one of Korf’s biggest parties on Saturday night. Then we even serve breakfast on Sunday morning too.

To make it easier, this year you will be able to pay for the whole event if you wish, all socials and the tournament will be offered in one fee for each club which gets cheaper depending on how much of the weekend you attend and how many people you bring.

We can accommodate 40 teams in the tourney this year and will be staging the release of places, so
we can make sure as many clubs as possible have the opportunity to attend before we then release
spots for 2nd , 3rd and 4th teams. Your first team will be £55 but £50 if you pay in advance. (All dates and deadlines will follow).

Then of course, the theme will change too and having gone American last year, in an effort to appear
politically balanced, this year our world tour continues with a stop off in Russia!

Entries are now open and you can reserve your 1st team now by emailing leicestertournament@hotmail.co.uk. If you intend to bring more than one team let us know and we will ensure you know about 2nd , 3rd and 4th team spots as soon as they become available.

We are incredibly excited about this year and we hope you can all join us.


Leicester City Korfball Club

Leicester Toto vs. Nottingham Magic

After a couple of losses in a row, Toto were keen to get back to winning ways starting against their rivals Nottingham Magic. After a fast-paced warm up, Toto were raring to get to the court to get straight into the opposition.

This showed with a goal straight from the start from Ant. A couple of quick goals from Magic with an equaliser from Matt and another two long goals from Ant meant we went into halftime leading 4-3.

A couple of goals from Magic at the start of the second half were quickly replied to with goals from Greg and Spargo. Another goal from Greg with a couple from Magic meant it was 7-7 with 20 minutes to go. Unfortunately, a few long shots dropped for them resulting in Magic pulling away 11-7 with 10 to play. Another long goal from Matt brought us to within 3 and after a ref intervention, Magic scored a couple of goals late on with the game finishing 15-8 to them.

Overall a happy and together Toto team that will be sure to go again against Nottingham Magic 2.

Scorers were:

  • Ant (3)
  • Matt (2)
  • Greg (2)
  • Spargo (1)

Leicester Toto vs. University of Nottingham 2

Grab a shirt.

Just over a week after a bittersweet defeat by Nottingham Magic, Toto were primed and ready for a home game against a team they had not yet faced this season – Nottingham Uni 2. With strong support from the sidelines, including all 4 club coaches, and another rousing pre-match talk from Captain Spargo, the game kicked off with Ant, Joe, Emma H and Paula in attack and Matt, Greg, Elle and Spargo (c) in defence. Toto started strong, with a runner scored by Joe in the first few minutes which was then equalized by the opposition only a few seconds later. Notts scored a runner and a mid-shot bringing the score to 1-3. Emma H then popped in a mid-shot and we saw Joe win a penalty, which was nicely scored by Ant. Toto were finding their feet! Notts then took the lead with four quick consecutive goals, one of which was an unusual style of free pass which threw us off (we won’t let that happen again!), bringing the score to 3-7. Greg then stepped up to take a penalty, and the score became 4-7. Matt went in for a runner and scored a penalty having been shoved in the back and then a change of ends saw Joe score another runner bringing the score at halftime to LCKC 6, Notts Uni 7.

A halftime, talk from the coaches and some much-needed Haribo (other brands of jelly sweet are available), geared everyone up to go hard or go home for the last half. On 1, 2, 3…LEICESTER!!

The second half saw Luca come on for Matt and Toto tried to bring it back. Notts were first to score with a runner but then Elle successfully popped in a cheeky short. The score was 7-8, could Toto square this up? Notts then scored 2, edging away from us. A mid-range veer from Ant and a nice short shot from Joe could have pushed us ahead but unfortunately, Notts just had the edge with their shots dropping in the last quarter despite us fighting hard, bringing the final score to 9-15 on the whistle. Dan (head coach) said at the end of the game, it wasn’t physical effort and energy we were lacking it was mental strategy. We’re getting used to the divisions now, learning where our strengths lie and where we need to improve. Toto left the game a little morose, knowing that things could have gone differently but it wasn’t our match and knowing there are things to improve on means we can only get stronger which is what we will need…when our next match is at home against rivals Nottingham Magic. BRING. IT. ON.


Joe Douglass x3

Anthony Ryan x2 (x1 P)

Emma Hornett x1

Greg Gilmour x1 (P)

Elle Worthy x1

Matt Freeman x1 (P)

Leicester Tempest vs. De Montfort University 2

Following a formidable performance in their last game (with a full 3rd team squad no less!) Tempest were slated for another game yesterday. Even up until Saturday, the team was looking dangerously sparce. Thankfully, availability came through and Tempest were bolstered by only two other on-court LCKC players (save for Luca’s brief stint as injury sub).

Taking to the court were acting captain Sanjay, Amar (on debut), Paula (on loan from Toto) and Jenny (on loan from Tornadoes) in defence and Neil, Jordan, Claire & Hannah in attack. With Trevor, the club’s entire coaching staff, injured Tempestian and star-baker Chloe and subs Elle & Luca all shouting from the bench, the game was well supported to say the least!

The game started with a punch as DMU’s Miles sunk a long shot from the half-way line within a minute of play beginning. Sanjay, who had dropped off in support of Amar learnt his lesson quickly and tightened up, not giving Miles another easy shot for the rest of the game. In fact, DMU didn’t score another goal from open play for the remaining 59 minutes! DMU had lost their source of easy goals and, as LCKC found their feet, the game proceeded goalless-ly. That all changed when resident sharp-shooter Neil, fresh off an unbelievable game the week before, won and sunk a penalty 7 minutes later. Soon to follow was Jenny, who sank a trademark veer 2 minutes later, followed by Amar who won and sunk a penalty, his first goal, penalty and appearance for LCKC! Miles, taking a penalty won by a teammate scored, and then took the score back to a draw at 3-3  from another penalty, this time won by one of DMU’s girls.

Following a rolled ankle, Luca briefly stepped in for Sanjay. Goals followed from Jenny, Neil, Paula and Miles and, by half time, it was 6-4 to LCKC. The half time talk from coaches Tom & Dan was all positive and Leicester returned to court strong, with Elle replacing Paula and Sanjay back on for Luca. A penalty for Miles was shortly followed by a long shot from Elle and then a short too. Another goal from Miles before Claire, after several good shots finally found the korf to make the score 9-6. Moments later, at a DMU time out, coaches Dan, Craig & Tom rushed the court. At the final whistle it was 11-7 to Leicester and a great day at the office for Tempest.

Scorers were:

Elle: 3
Jenny: 3
Neil: 2, 1(p)
Paula: 1
Claire: 1
Amar: 1 (p)

Leicester Tornadoes vs. Sheffield Trotters

A new year and a new set of fixtures await. The first game of 2018 saw Tornadoes take on Trotters at home. The last clash had been a closely contested draw on Sheffield soil. Down by 4 of the squad, Tornadoes borrowed Emma from Toto and, taking to the court were captain Jenny, Vik (just returned from injury), Trevor and Pete one way with Tom, Craig, Charlotte and Emma, the other. The game started with a bang after Sheffield scored two within minutes. Already on the back foot at the change of ends, Leicester dug deep and fought hard. The half saw runners and drop-offs from Tom, a hard pushed runner from Craig, mids from Pete, a textbook runner from Emma, veers from Jenny and even a penalty, won by Tom and sunk by Craig. Trotters also kept them coming, with few opportunities but most finding korf (some from half court).
At the half, it was 7-6 and all to play for. Off came Trevor and on came Rob. Back on again and the goals kept coming. Another runner from Tom, a goal from Craig, Pete again and Rob finding the score sheet too. Trotters defence was tighter though and tricks that worked in the first half were now getting tougher. Sheffield were also finding closer shots and forcing errors. A missed penalty by LCKC was matched with a missed penalty from Trotters. Tom failed to find the korf off a cheeky free pass from Craig and in the dying minutes, Leicester were down. Desperate to even things back up, a couple of unforced errors led to a Trotters penalty and, by the final whistle, LCKC were down by 5 at 12-17.
A difficult score doesn’t paint the whole picture with most of the game being very even and Leicester dominating in many respects. The energy was great and the structure was a marked improvement on other games. Still needing work was focus, discipline and a bit of cool-headedness under pressure. Tornadoes are back in action this Sunday vs. Leeds City 2 where they’ll be looking to clinch their first win of 2018.
Scorers were:
Craig: 3 (1 pen)
Tom: 3
Jenny: 2
Pete: 2
Emma: 1
Rob: 1

Leicester Toto vs. University of Birmingham 2

Toto started 2018 the way they mean to carry on: Winning! The first game of 2018 against Birmingham University certainly did not disappoint, with everyone bringing their strongest game, heaps of energy and an abundance of enthusiasm.
Toto started the match with Matt, Luca, Spargo (c) and Elle in attack and Joe, Andy, Paula and Aine in defence. The whistle blew and they were off! Toto dominated play in the first half and the goals soon started dropping with Andy scoring the first. Birmingham Uni were fast paced in their response and marked tightly to say the least), but Leicester kept the scoreline in our favour throughout the game. Toto matched their speed and kept strong in defence. Goals from Matt, Luca, Spargo and Andy saw the scoreline at 9-4 by halftime.
The second half saw Emma on for Spargo, scoring a runner shortly after entering the game. Birmingham Uni fought back hard but Leicester kept up the energy and saw further goals from Matt, Luca, Andy and Aine.  At the final whistle it was LCKC leading 14-8. The fast-paced, high octane game saw Toto burst into 2018 and we look forward to what the rest of the season has to offer! Excellent play from everyone.
Goals as follows:
-Andy 4
-Matt 3
-Luca 3
-Spargo 1
-Emma 1
-Aine 1

University of Nottingham 3 vs. Leicester Tempest

Competing in their last game before the Christmas break, Tempest took to the court at David Ross Sports Village, Nottingham – bolstered by a handful of Leicester Tornadoes. The team consisted of Chloe, Claire, Jordan, Hannah, Neil & Emily (on debut) with a helping hand from Tom, Pete, Dan, Abbie & Rachael. At the first whistle, heading into attack were Dan, Rachael, Hannah & Neil with Tom, Jordan, Chloe & Claire in defence.

The goals fell tet-a-tet throughout the first half with Nottingham scoring and Leicester quickly replying at every change of ends. There were goals from Dan, a signature turn under the post from Rachael, a cracking long shot from Jordan and a nice veer from Neil. A penalty won and quickly sunk by Tom broke the longest stalemate, following a great runner and short shot by Jordan which was (dubiously) disallowed for being defended from the side. In the last attack, Nottingham replied with two leading into halftime.

At the half, the score was tight with Notts up. Off came Tom and on came Pete, so too for Rachael & Abbie as well as Hanah & Emily, making her debut for the sport, the club, and the team. Notts too had made substitutions and, sensing that it was still all to play for, had brought on some big hitters and fast movers across both ends.

Early in the half, Pete sank a wide veer thanks to great support play from Chloe. A penalty won and scored by Neil also punctured the Notts defence but Notts replied each time and Leicester struggled to close the 2-point lead. A great move around the post saw Claire come away with a free pass which she sank with absolute precision but finished as a travel after narrowly avoiding her incoming defender – with some clear encroachment failing to be called. Jordan was again hard done by as he was called defended from the side and a similar call against Claire set the tone for the half. Leicester would have to work against their opponents and the ref to win this one!

With 15 minutes to go, Jordan signaled to come off with his persistent knee issues playing up from being worked so hard! A timeout was called but moments later, before the whistle could be blown, Neil caught a pass awkwardly and had to sub himself off, leaving Tom to come on for Neil and Jordan having to fight through. After a number of big moves from Abbie, Dan & Tom, Tom managed to make a turn under the post and catch his defender napping to bring the score within one. A couple more to Notts and this time it was Emily’s turn to make an impact. As has become a tradition this year, scoring within 20 minutes of debuting, Emily made a fantastic run into the post, losing her defender and veering back to receive a perfect cross-ball from Dan. Planting her foot and shooting strongly, it was in from the moment it left her hands.

By the final whistle, it was 14-12 to Nottingham but spirits were high nevertheless after an excellent performance all round. A few pats on the back and some commiserations to lots of the team, especially Jordan and Claire who missed out on a couple of iffy defended calls left Tempest leaving with yet another Leicester moral victory ;)

Scorers were:

  • Neil – 3 (inc. 1 penalty)
  • Jordan – 2
  • Dan – 2
  • Tom – 2 (inc. 1 penalty)
  • Pete – 1
  • Emily – 1 (debut goal!)
  • Rachael – 1

Birmingham City 3 vs. Leicester Toto

A glorious start to season saw Toto enter the arena that is Moseley college sports centre, with spirits high and confidence soaring. A little bit of fixtures live pre-match analysis en-route informed Spargo of the ones to watch and led us into battle more prepared (even if half the team got lost after missing the turning but shhhh).

The game opened with Spargo giving a motivational team talk about the rugby(?) then setting out with a defence of Emma, Spargo, Matt and Andy, supported by Joe, Faz, Elle and Greg in attack. Within minutes goals flew in, one from our very own joe but three from the opposition. We couldn’t fathom what was going on, so we took the party to them. Greg (myself) hadn’t yet scored for Toto, wanted to get his debut goal and got 2 in quick succession, taking us level at 3-3. That kickstarted many goals going back and forth for both teams. Joe getting another, Matt, Andy and Spargo also getting on the score sheet. Taking us into a halftime score of 9-7 to Toto, comfortably with a 2-goal lead.

An inspiring team talk at halftime from Spargo, as well as the bringing on of fresh legs took us into the second half with a skip in our step, Ant was brought on for Joe, Luca on for Andy and Paula on for Faz. The second half started slowly with not much between the sides. But soon goals started dropping, Greg started with a goal early on, then Ant also got on the scoresheet. Some excellent sexy korfing led Luca to completely befuddle the two boys on his end, leaving Matt open for a clinical drop-off. Brum weren’t giving up yet though. They managed to claw back goals with only one goal in it, 11-12 with 5 minutes to go! Emma gets a lovely blam against their experienced top scorer and then we turned to our captain, who doesn’t crumble under the pressure, securing a last-minute goal and a comfortable win for  Toto, with the final score of 13-11.

To summarise, we smashed it. Everyone played really well and the team is really coming together and gelling nicely. We are 2nd in the table on goal difference and there’s no reason why Toto can’t win EMKA 1 at this rate! Nottingham Magic- you’re in our sights… Special mentions go to Emma, having their top scorer for the season in her pocket and not letting her score a single goal! Luca, as I already mentioned, some sexy movements confusing the opposition. Joe as well, always in great positions and getting a couple of nice goals. Scorers were:

  • Greg 5
  • Joe 2
  • Matt 2
  • Spargo 2
  • Andy 1
  • Ant 1