De Montfort University 1 vs. Leicester Toto

Everyone loves a good derby day and this one did not disappoint. After a win the week before Toto were feeling confident for the Leicester Derby against DMU 1 at the QEII Jubilee Hall on Sunday.

It was the first time the team had had full 12 player availability this season adding to the tingling feelings of excitement and a collective want for a repeat of the excellent performance of the previous week. As the whistle blew to begin the match, Matt, Paula, Spargo and Andy were in attack, and up the other end Emma, Ant, Elle and Joe in defence.

The goals pinged back and forth for the first half, with a goal from DMU quickly followed by goals from Matt and Ant. DMU returned two more goals, before Matt, Emma and Elle came back with 3 in a row for Toto. At halftime the game was a tight 5-3 to Toto.

Second half changes saw Faz on for Elle, Luca for Matt and, later in the half, Joe for Ant. The second half started with a goal for DMU followed by a long shot from Luca and a midrange shot from Ant. It continued in the same vein with another goal from DMU followed by 2 goals from Andy and the next DMU goal followed by goals from Faz and another from Andy.

The game finished 11-7 to Toto! Overall it was a great continuation of the excellent play from the week before and the team is really beginning to gel as a unit. The game was great to watch with structured attacks, solid defence and great communication throughout and, to top it all off, 7 of 12 players on the score sheet. I’m looking forward to what this team will bring for the rest of the season.

Next up, after a 2 week break, Toto vs Birmingham City 3 away.


  • Matt Freeman (2)
  • Ant Ryan (2)
  • Andy Cunningham (3)
  • Emma Hornett
  • Elle Worthy
  • Luciano Faschini
  • Faz Flintham