DMU 2 vs. Leicester Tempest

Just two weeks after beating DMU 2 at home it was time for us to play them on their turf. Ironically, it’s our turf too and support was out in full for both teams. Despite filling the bleachers and having a full set of boys to sub on at the half, we were still a girl down and playing with a team of 7 (typical LCKC!).

Taking to the court were:

Stuart Trolley
Matt Cox
Sam Waller

And the second division:

Ed Rainbow
Neil Robinson
Chloe Studley
Shannon Hibbett

Somehow we got off to a rocky start aand it was soon 1:1 for the change of ends but Leicester soon picked up. Some excellent exchanges between Matt, Sam & Stuart led to some great runners and over the other side Chloe & Shannon were locking the game down completely. By the half it was 3:7 to Leicester with Matt having scored 4 and Neil, Chloe & Ed both in for one a piece. The half time team talk consisted of calming down the game and locking defence down completely. A key part was making our out balls more effective.

Ed & Neil were off for Karl & Jay, Matt & Stuart off for me and Mark. We took to the court in style with a beautifully floated pass straight into Marks hands for a runner which took us to 3:8. Leicester continued to dominate and keep a clean sheet. A quick time out and Sam re-itterated that we should keep DMU’s second half score at 0. Unfortunately, we hadn’t accounted for Joe taking the court and, while I just managed to keep Joe locked down, Mark wasn’t so lucky in stopping their 1-2 leading to a great runner. Final score 4:14 and a big win for a 7 person Tempest team.

Matt Cox – 4
Chloe Studley – 3
Ed Rainbow – 1
Neil Robinson – 1
Sam Waller – 1
Tom O’Callaghan (c) – 1
Mark Nicholson – 1
Jay Popat – 1
Karl Sears – 1

Our next game was away to Notts Uni 4 on Sunday 21/02 – I won’t spoil it here but the report will be published shortly!