Leicester Tempest vs. DMU 2

Leicester Tempest were back in action on Sunday and ready to make our first ever consecutive wins. We squared up against DMU 2, our sister club and also our closest rivals at times. With a shared coaching pool and a friendly relationship between our players, playing DMU is always enjoyable and always competitive!

We had to bolster the Tempest ranks with a Toto-er or two and even a couple of Tornadoes but to even the score we lent two of our best to DMU as well. Taking to the court were:

Neil Robinson
Ed Rainbow
Melisa Kupaza
Gemma Louella Wallis

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Mark Nicholson
Faz Flintham
Abbie Mycroft

Chloe Studley (super sub)


With the exception of Faz, Neil, Ed & Mark we were all on our second games of the day and feeling the burn. The game was great and, although Leicester took the lead early and held it, DMU didn’t let up, never falling more than three behind. Lending DMU Charlotte and Rachael may have been a tactical error with the two of them scoring 4 of DMU’s 6 total goals.

Our goals went to Chloe (1), Mel (1), Neil (1), me (4) and Gemma (1). Most notable were a couple of incredible post switches between myself and Mark that would have made Tornadoes proud! These were made all the more incredible by the fact that Mark hasn’t been on court for months due to work commitments – it’s like riding a bike! A highlight was Gemma sinking her first league goal. She’s had a great season already playing assist to some of Toto & Tempest’s best goals but it’s great to finally see her name on the score sheet!

Our next game is at away to Nottingham City 2 on Sunday 14/02 -which should make for a very tough game against the second team in the league! Valentines Day will mark a fixture with no love lost I’m sure!