Leicester Tempest vs. Nottingham Magic 3

Yesterday saw Leicester 3rds (Tempest) take on Nottingham Magic 3 for our inaugural game of the season. Coming off the back of a season without a win last year, Tempest had everything to prove and nothing to lose.

Our team consisted of 4 Tempest veterans, 3 debuts (for both the club and the sport!) and 2 guest appearances. Division one, kindly lead by guest player Craig consisted of:

Craig Allison
Neil Robinson (1st Half)
Ed Rainbow (2nd Half)
Tara Swan (on Debut)
Chloe Studley

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Mark Nicholson (on Debut)
Abbie Mycroft (on Debut)
Gemma Morgan

The game started well with our first division in attack. Craig quickly gave us the lead and (from memory) we were 2-0 up at the change of ends. The second change of ends was slower to arrive as our less experienced division struggled to find our feet in attack. Luckily we had plenty of time to practice thanks to some solid defence from Neil, Craig, Tara and Chloe.

The second half started slowly but soon kicked up a gear with 4 or 5 goals in around 5 minutes. Mark found his feet and after a couple of defended calls found an incredible 1-2 with me to sink one of the best crafted goals i have ever seen for Tempest. Abbie and Gemma held tight for us in defence and between the two of them, Mark and I had no excuse for staying still and we were soon shooting more regularly.

Across the other side of the court, Ed Rainbow was bringing a new energy to the division and making some fantastic collects. Tara had found her stride in defence and, with the help of Chloe, was beginning to mark Notts’ girls out of the game. Even between divisions we saw some brilliant partnerships emerging. Tempest have often struggled to clear a party ball but Craig and Abbie found each other with laser precision in every instance, keeping the flow of the game moving beautifully.

When the final whistle blew it was 10-10.

Overall, we improved hugely throughout the game and forced a brilliant opposition to do the same. Team discipline is next on the agenda as the score could have tipped our way without a few unfortunate penalties. The team showed great energy and enthusiasm, chasing every stray ball and making Notts work for every point. It was a very hard earned draw that made for one very happy captain.

Special shout outs go to Craig for scoring 3, Chloe for stepping into the breach and helping us field a full team, Mark & Abbie for an outstanding debut, Tara for a fantastic debut and a first goal and for Ed for a great goal also!

Honourable mentions also for Neil and Ed for great 1/2 game performances, Ash and Aine who sadly couldn’t play due to injury and to Dan for refereeing – a thankless task that should never go unappreciated!

Our next game is at home on 15/11 – onwards and upwards!