Leicester Tempest vs. Notts. Uni 4

Our second game of the season and Leicester 3rds (Tempest) took on Nottingham Uni 4 at home. With our excellent team performance resulting in a 10-10 draw from two weeks before in mind, we were keen to bring the same passion and structure into this game.

Our team consisted of 4 Tempest veterans, 4 new season starters and 1 debut. Division one consisted of:

Ash Alfonso (1st half)
Karl Sears (2nd half)
Neil Robinson
Tara Swan
Shannon Hibbett (on debut)

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Mark Nicholson (1st half)
Ash Alfonso (2nd half)
Abbie Mycroft
Gemma Morgan

The game got off to a rocky start with Nottingham opening the scoring very quickly. Although they were a boy short on one division, Nottingham used that to their advantage against our relatively inexperienced team. Luckily, we’re made of stronger stuff and we soon locked the defence back down.

Scores proceeded fairly evenly with Nottingham only 2 up by the end of the half. Defence from Leicester was solid and, exploiting the non-shooter in our division, Abbie and Mark created some fantastic 1-2’s resulting in some fantastic runners by Abbie. On the other side of the court our defence was impeccable but a lack of structure and movement let us down in attack.

We began the second half and quickly reached a change of ends where Ash came off for Karl, giving the second division a much-needed injection of pace and enthusiasm. 2 more goals quickly followed and we brought Ash back on for Mark. In the last 15 minutes Leicester were running the show. Gemma, Abbie, Ash and I were locking down the defence while Neil made some unbelievable collects from Karl’s shots and Shannon’s runners. Tara played exceptionally in support, always making space and helping keep the division moving. Shots were coming thick and fast and Nottingham were struggling to get within reach to defend. Unfortunately for us, none of them made it through the korf and, despite our best efforts, the score remained the same.

At the final whistle it was 5-7.

Overall, our defensive game was outstanding, especially against a tricky 3 person division. We struggled in attacking structure, a few technical points and knowledge of the rules and in shooting towards the end. Luckily, the biggest part of our game is looking great and it’s just the finer details we need to polish. So here’s to seeing the whole team at training more often so we can bag ourselves a win!

Special shout outs go to Abbie for scoring 4, Mark & Abbie for an outstanding partnership, Neil for some exceptional collects, Karl & Mark for outstanding 1/2 games and to Shannon & Tara for being thrown in at the deep end!

Honourable mention to Matt for refereeing – a thankless task that should never go unappreciated!

Our next game is away in Birmingham on Saturday 21/11 – onwards and upwards!