Leicester Tornadoes v Leeds City 2 – 16/10/2016

Following our nail-biting game against Manchester Warriors 2 for the opening game of the season, Tornadoes were on once again at our (temporary) home venue of Beauchamp College. Taking to the court, as well as most of the Tornadoes regulars were Faz and Pete, who had kindly stepped up to bolster the ranks. Thankfully, I don’t have to transcribe a blow-by-blow of the game for you because we had live tweets from the sideline! So, the game went like this:

It’s tantalisingly close at the half with Leicester and Leeds exchanging goals almost 1 to 1. James comes on but Ant stays on the bench at risk of aggravating a potential back injury. Down by just one, Leicester head back on court.

And that’s it! A painstakingly close match but a great one to watch even if the score didn’t go our way. If a few unlucky shots had gone differently, it could have been a different result but we move on, ready to improve and excited for next Sunday’s away game at Sheffield Hallam University.

Brilliant guest appearances from Pete & Faz. See you all next week!