Leicester Tornadoes vs. Sheffield Trotters

A new year and a new set of fixtures await. The first game of 2018 saw Tornadoes take on Trotters at home. The last clash had been a closely contested draw on Sheffield soil. Down by 4 of the squad, Tornadoes borrowed Emma from Toto and, taking to the court were captain Jenny, Vik (just returned from injury), Trevor and Pete one way with Tom, Craig, Charlotte and Emma, the other. The game started with a bang after Sheffield scored two within minutes. Already on the back foot at the change of ends, Leicester dug deep and fought hard. The half saw runners and drop-offs from Tom, a hard pushed runner from Craig, mids from Pete, a textbook runner from Emma, veers from Jenny and even a penalty, won by Tom and sunk by Craig. Trotters also kept them coming, with few opportunities but most finding korf (some from half court).
At the half, it was 7-6 and all to play for. Off came Trevor and on came Rob. Back on again and the goals kept coming. Another runner from Tom, a goal from Craig, Pete again and Rob finding the score sheet too. Trotters defence was tighter though and tricks that worked in the first half were now getting tougher. Sheffield were also finding closer shots and forcing errors. A missed penalty by LCKC was matched with a missed penalty from Trotters. Tom failed to find the korf off a cheeky free pass from Craig and in the dying minutes, Leicester were down. Desperate to even things back up, a couple of unforced errors led to a Trotters penalty and, by the final whistle, LCKC were down by 5 at 12-17.
A difficult score doesn’t paint the whole picture with most of the game being very even and Leicester dominating in many respects. The energy was great and the structure was a marked improvement on other games. Still needing work was focus, discipline and a bit of cool-headedness under pressure. Tornadoes are back in action this Sunday vs. Leeds City 2 where they’ll be looking to clinch their first win of 2018.
Scorers were:
Craig: 3 (1 pen)
Tom: 3
Jenny: 2
Pete: 2
Emma: 1
Rob: 1