Leicester Toto v Notts City 1 – 14/02/16

An exciting game in prospect with the scoreline from the first game being more than halved in our second match-up which showed Toto were improving with each fixture.

A quick start saw Notts City take the lead but Leicester were keen to keep them on a short leash and never allowed Notts to have more than a two-goal lead.

Matt Freeman’s first game back from paternity leave saw him bag three goals before Abbie Mycroft’s knee injury forced a reshuffle that saw him be replaced by Pete Wallett and Jenny Freeman make a much-anticipated return to the sport after maternity leave, a much earlier reappearance than I’m sure she was planning! The 10-8 deficit at half-time was soon made 12-12 with Notts keeping their noses in front by one goal until the dying minutes when Leicester got a last gasp winner to seal an historic 17-16 win.

Rob Parnham contributed a season’s best 5 goals with Adil Jaffer contributing another 4.


Team news:

Matt C (c) (2), Rob P (5), Mel, Chloe

Matt F (3), Adil (4), Pete (3), Abbie, Gemma W, Jenny