Leicester Toto vs. Nottingham Magic

After a couple of losses in a row, Toto were keen to get back to winning ways starting against their rivals Nottingham Magic. After a fast-paced warm up, Toto were raring to get to the court to get straight into the opposition.

This showed with a goal straight from the start from Ant. A couple of quick goals from Magic with an equaliser from Matt and another two long goals from Ant meant we went into halftime leading 4-3.

A couple of goals from Magic at the start of the second half were quickly replied to with goals from Greg and Spargo. Another goal from Greg with a couple from Magic meant it was 7-7 with 20 minutes to go. Unfortunately, a few long shots dropped for them resulting in Magic pulling away 11-7 with 10 to play. Another long goal from Matt brought us to within 3 and after a ref intervention, Magic scored a couple of goals late on with the game finishing 15-8 to them.

Overall a happy and together Toto team that will be sure to go again against Nottingham Magic 2.

Scorers were:

  • Ant (3)
  • Matt (2)
  • Greg (2)
  • Spargo (1)