Leicester Toto vs University of Birmingham 2 – 23/10/2016

A fantastic start to the season saw Leicester Toto at home against the University of Birmingham’s 2nd team. With Trevor Brown stepping in as our very own Peter Wallet stepped up to the first team for the weekend.

The game started off well with Tom scoring a lovely short shot 30 seconds in, but Brum quickly equalised a minute later. The next 10 minutes saw some really great play as the classic uni team defended extremely tight and Leicester had to adapt to gain some space and get shots off. These fell for our Matthew’s of the match Coxy and Freeman taking the score to 3-1. However, with some of our shots not falling and with Brum gaining the rebound the next 4 goals fell to Birmingham. With the score at 3-5 Rachael called a timeout to attempt to boost some morale and take on some fluids. For the next 10 minutes Leicester defended their backsides off and no balls fell for Brum, but with 30 seconds till half time Trevor nailed his classic drop off, taking the score to 4-5 as the whistle blew. As the jelly babies did the rounds Freeman, Kings and O’Callaghan gave some pointers and encouragement and a clearly re-energised team stepped back onto the court. For the next 10 minutes ball after ball dropped for Leicester, Coxy and Freeman with two blinding longs, Tom with a lovely veer off to the right, and Trevor with a cheeky under the post and a foot perfect veering mid shot. With the score now standing at 9-5 Leicester had the heads in the game and it took Birmingham 13 minutes into the game to drop their 6th goal. With a naughty contact to the arm on her shot, Rachael was awarded a penalty but it fell short. The following 10 mins were a flurry of goals with Freeman nailing his final two and Trevor with another veering short shot but with Birmingham matching us goal for goal taking the score to 12-8 with 9 more minutes to go! By now Leicester were starting to flag under the scrutinising defence of uni and with Birminghams 9th, 10th and 11th goal dropping Leicester had to turn up their defence. And boy did they do just that, for the final 5 minutes not a single ball dropped for Birmingham giving Leicester Toto the win as the whistle blew with 12-11.

With special mention to Elle for her first match for Toto, absolutely nailing defence and always being in good space.

And to our newest and youngest recruit Kate who constantly had her defender on the back foot and who was just unlucky that her shots didn’t fall that day!

What a way to start the season!