Leicester Toto vs. University of Birmingham 2

Toto started 2018 the way they mean to carry on: Winning! The first game of 2018 against Birmingham University certainly did not disappoint, with everyone bringing their strongest game, heaps of energy and an abundance of enthusiasm.
Toto started the match with Matt, Luca, Spargo (c) and Elle in attack and Joe, Andy, Paula and Aine in defence. The whistle blew and they were off! Toto dominated play in the first half and the goals soon started dropping with Andy scoring the first. Birmingham Uni were fast paced in their response and marked tightly to say the least), but Leicester kept the scoreline in our favour throughout the game. Toto matched their speed and kept strong in defence. Goals from Matt, Luca, Spargo and Andy saw the scoreline at 9-4 by halftime.
The second half saw Emma on for Spargo, scoring a runner shortly after entering the game. Birmingham Uni fought back hard but Leicester kept up the energy and saw further goals from Matt, Luca, Andy and Aine.  At the final whistle it was LCKC leading 14-8. The fast-paced, high octane game saw Toto burst into 2018 and we look forward to what the rest of the season has to offer! Excellent play from everyone.
Goals as follows:
-Andy 4
-Matt 3
-Luca 3
-Spargo 1
-Emma 1
-Aine 1