Leicester Toto vs. University of Nottingham 2

Grab a shirt.

Just over a week after a bittersweet defeat by Nottingham Magic, Toto were primed and ready for a home game against a team they had not yet faced this season – Nottingham Uni 2. With strong support from the sidelines, including all 4 club coaches, and another rousing pre-match talk from Captain Spargo, the game kicked off with Ant, Joe, Emma H and Paula in attack and Matt, Greg, Elle and Spargo (c) in defence. Toto started strong, with a runner scored by Joe in the first few minutes which was then equalized by the opposition only a few seconds later. Notts scored a runner and a mid-shot bringing the score to 1-3. Emma H then popped in a mid-shot and we saw Joe win a penalty, which was nicely scored by Ant. Toto were finding their feet! Notts then took the lead with four quick consecutive goals, one of which was an unusual style of free pass which threw us off (we won’t let that happen again!), bringing the score to 3-7. Greg then stepped up to take a penalty, and the score became 4-7. Matt went in for a runner and scored a penalty having been shoved in the back and then a change of ends saw Joe score another runner bringing the score at halftime to LCKC 6, Notts Uni 7.

A halftime, talk from the coaches and some much-needed Haribo (other brands of jelly sweet are available), geared everyone up to go hard or go home for the last half. On 1, 2, 3…LEICESTER!!

The second half saw Luca come on for Matt and Toto tried to bring it back. Notts were first to score with a runner but then Elle successfully popped in a cheeky short. The score was 7-8, could Toto square this up? Notts then scored 2, edging away from us. A mid-range veer from Ant and a nice short shot from Joe could have pushed us ahead but unfortunately, Notts just had the edge with their shots dropping in the last quarter despite us fighting hard, bringing the final score to 9-15 on the whistle. Dan (head coach) said at the end of the game, it wasn’t physical effort and energy we were lacking it was mental strategy. We’re getting used to the divisions now, learning where our strengths lie and where we need to improve. Toto left the game a little morose, knowing that things could have gone differently but it wasn’t our match and knowing there are things to improve on means we can only get stronger which is what we will need…when our next match is at home against rivals Nottingham Magic. BRING. IT. ON.


Joe Douglass x3

Anthony Ryan x2 (x1 P)

Emma Hornett x1

Greg Gilmour x1 (P)

Elle Worthy x1

Matt Freeman x1 (P)