Leicester Toto vs. University of Birmingham 2

Toto set off in high spirits (or is that “full of spirits” as Luca told me, his Captain?!) to Birmingham after a very long winter break.  But ten minutes from our destination there was a sudden change of venue! With Luca and Chloe on the phones in the mobile HQ, this was no problem and Toto arrived before the Birmingham team AND in time to watch a basketball match!

Toto started full of energy with division 1  (Aine, Emma, Ant, and Greg) attacking hard. Defending to the hilt in the other half were Andy, Luca, Clair, and Spargo. Both teams were working hard, and for 5 minutes there was a stalemate. Toto scored first and then each team matched each other – end-to-end excitement.  At the end of a tough half, Toto had put those shots up and pulled away with a two goal lead.

In the second half Joe, the Interceptor, came on for Greg and Claire came on for Chloe. After the hard work of the first half, the energy levels had dropped and a time out was needed.  Toto were reinvigorated with the words of Dan and Ant ringing in their ears and the defending intensified again as the shots went up.  At the final whistle, Toto had an 8 goal win!

Well done to Chloe and Claire who were making their debuts with Toto and at very short notice too!  Thanks to coach Dan and traveling fan Luke for their support and guidance.  MVP was Spargo for good behavior (“Not sure about that!” – Captain)

Another very strong team performance and effort. It was great to see the number of goals scored and by different team members too:

  • Aine (2)
  • Emma (1)
  • Ant (1)
  • Andy (5)
  • Spargo (1)
  • Greg (4)
  • Luca (4)

Fab effort Toto!