Manchester Warriors 2 vs. Leicester Tornadoes

The season began in spectacular style on Sunday with Tornadoes (pictured post match and full of Frankie & Benny’s) in action against Manchester Warriors 2 away in Manchester. The nail-biting clash began later than planned after the previous game, a sometimes tantalisingly close clash between Snakebite and Warriors 1, ran way over. With little-to-no warm up time, a slightly stiff Tornadoes took to the court.

We began the game a bit frantically with some very unstructured attack and spotty defence quickly falling 4 down. Stand in captain Jenny called a time-out and we adjusted our game plan but, being 4 down after 10 minutes and with nothing on the board, there was a lot needed. By the time the half had ended we had been tit-for-tat and the score stood at around 7:4 thanks to James, Mel, Jenny and a scorching near-halfway screamer from Trevor.

The middle of the second half was nicely caught on camera by Rachael but I can tell you now, having been on court, it was a lot faster and more active than it looks here!

Soon after the start of the second half, and utilising this season’s new rolling subs rule, Trevor came off for Craig, Rachael on for Mel and Ant on for Rob. The newly invigorated team soon made an impact with Tornadoes dominating 3 consecutive attacks and getting the scoreboard back up to 8:8. First Jenny and James scored back-to-back before swapping ends and letting Tom and Craig do the same. Another change and Jenny sunk her hat-trick leaving Tornadoes in front at 8:9.

With little more than 10 minutes left on the clock, it was looking like the Tornadoes comeback might stick but then came an ‘interesting’ free pass decision against Leicester. Manchester sunk it with precision to bring the score back to 9 a piece. Leicester looked to have replied with a fantastic runner but it was called as defended. The decisions didn’t go Leicester’s way again as a seemingly clear penalty wasn’t given. Suddenly the momentum was back in Manchester’s favour. Sealing it with a penalty in the last two minutes, Manchester took the game 13:9.

Tornadoes were:

Captain Jenny (3), Aisling, Rob, James (2), Ant

Abbie, Mel (1), Rachael, Trevor (1), Tom (1), Craig (1)

It was a fantastically close match and a fun game despite the outcome. Leicester started the season in style even if the score line disagrees and there’s plenty still to work on before next week’s Sunday clash at home to Leeds. See you there!