Nottingham City 2 vs. Leicester Tempest

Question: When is an away game not an away game? When it’s played at home! After already forfeiting their away fixture to us in the first half of the season, it looked likely that NKC may have to do the same again. Luckily, myself and NKC’s Rob arranged to play the game on LCKC turf meaning we could make the fixture happen. Notts fielded the same team twice. Once against Toto at 2.30 and again against us at 4. Similar issues meant that we played the same four girls in both games too! Sadly, Abbie had dislocated her knee in the Toto game so our secret star player Jenny (back from maternity leave) had to be revealed slightly ahead of time. Taking to court for Toto & Tempest!

Taking to the court were:

Neil Robinson
Jay Popat
Jenny Freeman
Mel Kupaza

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Karl Sears
Chloe Studley
Gemma Louella Wallis

Playing a team that had just narrowly lost by one (17:16) to Toto was no mean feat. Shots went back and forth quickly and by the end of the half we were behind. Going into the second half we had much of the same. Notts called a time-out 15 minutes in and, with Matt Cox, Matt Freeman & Pete all on the sideline, they told us what we needed to hear. For the next 10 minutes Tempest ran the show. The team worked like a well-oiled machine and with just a few scant minutes on the clock we were down by just two at 14:12. We held on putting up shot after shot but none dropping. Eventually NKC found the korf again and the whistle blew. The final score was 16:12 – a well-earned narrow defeat for Tempest.

Our goals went to Chloe (1), Karl (2), Jay (1), Neil (3), me (4) and Gemma (1). Most notable were a couple of incredible post switches between myself and Karl that can only get better from here and 3 precision perfect shots by Neil after a half time pep talk consisting of “shoot Neil!”. A highlight was Gemma sinking her second league goal in as many weeks for us. Clearly Tempest is her team…

Our next game is at away to DMU 2 onThursday 18/02 – Our last game was great fun and a tight one at 8-6. Lets see if we can’t make it two in a row against DMU…