Nottingham Uni 3 vs. Leicester Tempest

Following our first big win and then very close defeat in the preceeding two weeks, hopes were high for yesterday’s game.

We had to bolster the Tempest ranks with a Toto-er or two and a partially injured Rachael. Even then we only managed to field 3 girls making us 7 on-court. Those magnificent 7 (plus sub) were:

Neil Robinson
Karl Sears
Rachael Kings
Gemma Louella Wallis

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (Captain – me)
Matt Cox
Becky Kings

Pete Wallett (super sub)

The game started simply enough. A couple of minutes in Leicester sank the first. Nottingham were quick to respond and the score stood at 1-1. Notts found their feet quickly and some nice structure soon led them 3-1 up. The change of ends brought Pete off as a rolling sub and me (Tom) on. Coxy and I slipped into old habits with Becky making the perfect passes to allow me to take feed and free Coxy up for some lovely shots. The score was soon 3-3 and with the change of ends came another goal for Leicester, putting us one up. I think a bit of panic set in in the Notts ranks and over the course of the rest of the game they gave away at least 5 penalties. Leicester were always there to take advantage of them, sinking 4 with ease. By half time the score was something like 4:6 to LCKC.

Half-time team talks looked at calming down some of the attacks and making the most of our unchallenged feeds. The whistle went and we were on court again. Notts had made the most of their half-time and the second half was tit-for-tat for a long while. At 7:9 Leicester spirits were high and our attacks got brave (but also sloppy). A switched on Nottingham soon played this to their advantage making some fantastic intercepts and keeping the ball in their attacking half more often than not. Pete, Matt and I were still rolling subs and, from the sidelines, I called a quick time-out. Everybody grabbed a drink and we agreed to calm down the attacks and keep our lead at all costs. 7 minutes on the clock and around 8:9 on the scoreboard.

8:9 became 8:10, became 9:10, became 9:11 became 10:11 and Notts played their hearts out right to the end. At the final whistle it was 10:11 to Leicester and a very sincere round of ‘well-played’ handshakes crossed the court from both sides. A great game for Leicester against a very enjoyable opposition. It was validating to see our team of 7 best the team of 8 and pats on the back all round from me as captain.

Our next game is at home to DMU 2 on Sunday 07/02 -which should be brilliantly enjoyable. Playing against our sister club always makes for an enjoyable game…bring it on DMU!