Nottingham Uni 4 vs. Leicester Tempest

Away again after our thursday victory. Tempest were off to Nottingham’s Sutton Bonnington campus to take on Notts Uni 4. Our modest team of 7 consisted of:

Jay Popat
Neil Robinson
Shannon Hibbett
Justyna Mancewicz (Guest)

And the second division:

Tom O’Callaghan (c)
Karl Sears
Aisling Mullins (Guest)

Thanks to some impressive live tweeting from the Notts Uni benches, my reporting is pretty easy this time!

Notts take the lead…

…and keep it!

Aisling has found her feet and is killing it in defence. Karl finding the korf repeatedly and Justyna is unstoppable!

Shannon’s defence is looking unbeatable and Aisling is still making moves despite having two defenders!

It’s too close to call and the game is getting scrappy.

Yes Justyna!

And that’s all she wrote! A fantastic win for Tempest. I’m chuffed to say that I was probably the weakest player on the LCKC side. Incredible to see how far the team has come this year. Huge congratulations go out to Aisling for playing an incredible game, as a guest against two experienced girls – one of whom has an England cap! It’s never easy playing against two and not getting your name on the score sheet but Ash kept her chin up through the whole game and was the backbone of th team throughout. Another hearty well done for Karl & Justyna for making the goals that won us the game. And finally to Shannon who looks like a different player than she did just weeks ago. Shooting, making plays and locking down defence in a way that implies a far longer history with korfball!

Justyna Mancewicz – 6
Karl Sears – 6
Tom O’Callaghan (c) – 1
Jay Popat – 1 (penalty)

The only negative to take away was that we let ourselves get a little snippy with the ref. Scrappy games make for freyed tempers but that’s no excuse for poor sportsmanship. Something we’ll be looking to put behind us going forward.

After two consecutive wins Tempest have moved up to 3rd in the league table, our highest ever position. However we’ll need to win our final three games to stay there! Next up is Notts Uni 3 at home this coming Sunday (28/02) and we need a win to keep our grip on a league placement…